Thursday, August 31, 2006

[la la la]

I'm looking forward to my LA trip. Two weeks more. Wee!

Ok pardon my crappiness...been having mood swings lately. But eccentricity makes life interesting, don't it? ;)

I've put up a list of my must-sees and these include:

1. Hollywood! (hope to do some STAR gazing)
2. Disneyland (I wanna meet Mickey!!)
3. Universal Studios
4. Get a tan at Long Beach (like I need one...just wanna check out a few hot bods haha)
5. Check out the gay bars at Santa Monica Blvd
6. Hop over to Arizona for a couple of days to see the Grand Canyon. Wouldn't wanna miss that chance since we're only a few hours away.
7. Have loads of fun!!

Sounds like a good plan??

[my angst]

We've heard enough of you
Your never-ending so-called wisdom
When really what we want
Is simply a bit of our freedom

Your feelings, your jobs, your pride
You only care about yourself
I wonder why you bother
To enquire about our health

Confident, intelligent, affectionate
To the world you may seem
But how you really treat us
Brings down our self esteem

Face the person you are
Fierce, intimidating and uptight
We're gonna make you realize that one day
We're gonna put up a fight

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

[I'm grateful]

~I bet my sister wishes she could sit down on the bed on a Sunday night filing her feet too.~

Ok I just had to add that line. Realised that while work seems a bore since u have to work for the rest of ur life, at least u're not at ur wits end figuring out integration questions which are very likely NOT gonna be the most important life lessons, and struggling to finish up your history essay.

After weeks of battling invasive germs trying to throw my immune system over, I think my body finally gave up. Front, right, help from dad's and a couple of colleague's very powerful germs and found myself having a nasty sorethroat on Thur. I went to the doc, coughed so loudly till the doctor didn't have to ask much, took my meds then slept the day away. Sleep was GOOD. Fri morn I could hardly open my eyes, so my sweet father went to the doc to extend my MC for me. Yay! (Ok I'm not suggesting asking ur fathers to extend ur MC's for u...I guess my family doc knows I see her only when I'm like pathetically sick..and yeah..this was one of those occasions...).

My sweetie came to look after me thru' the weekend. She came over after work on Fri to look after me (after my complaining that sis n dad weren't doing a good job haha). She bought me my fave blueberry cheese tart along with a lot of other stuff which gave me a much better appetite than fish curry. Bummed ard on Sat till flo had the urge to tidy up my messy kitchen tho what I really needed was someone to help me clean up my room. So off we went, scrubbing n exterminating any ants that were within sight. After the kitchen got spruced up, we rested a bit. Then started on my room...which is finally clean and tidy. Wee! Can celebrate hari raya oredi since spring cleaning is done hahaha. I'm still waiting for sis to do her portion tho...I tidied as much as I cld...except her junk. Bleah. This is why I'm not motivated to one helps and I have to do 2 person's work. So darling, thank you so much for helping me. And of course for taking care of me nite n day. MUAKS!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


A simple gesture

Like putting tissue around my cup

That's your caring feature

That makes my heart go dub


I wasn't supposed to fall in love

Many months ago

But when I found my beautiful dove

I realized that was the only way to go


You make me feel so wholesome

With you my spirit becomes so intense

You put up with my tantrum

My whining and my nonsense


I'm sorry if I ask a lot

But only because I feel inadequate

Be apart from you I cannot

This love to nothing I can equate

Thursday, August 17, 2006

[fireworks fanfare]

was attempting to do a collage of fireworks pics. then photoshop skills suck. so well..make do with just this simple one...

Monday, August 14, 2006

[my kewl nokia n73]

Can't believe I didn't blog this sooner. I think I got excited bragging to everyone on msn that i forgot abt my blog haha. Gotta show off my yet another latest gadget - my new Nokia N73! Woohoo! My darling Auntie bought it for me. It cost a great deal, much more than the presents I'm accustomed to, I think my most expensive b'day gift EVER. Thank you so much!!! My phone was due for a change in Sept, so I was expecting to wait till then to get a phone at a cheaper rate; but I guess my lucky stars were shining heh. Auntie didn't mind purchasing it without any subcription extension, etc, from a mobile shop along a string of mobile phone shops at Woodlands old town. They gave a pretty good trade in price for my 7260 so yeah..I felt a bit better. Hehe.

Auntie said this was to make up for all the years of no prezzies or no proper prezzies..haha...I think I don't have to ask for another prezzie from her for a few more years to come hehe. The best part was when I chose an older model, and she said...go for a better one. And this phone is like new, and I mean brand new! Launched 3 days before the day I bought. So new they haven't even shipped in the protector pouch yet lol. I fell in love with it the moment I saw even has a 3.2 megapix camera...N73 u're meant for me!! Hee. Wait till I change my sim to a 3G enabled one...she's gonna see my face more often haha (she bought a 3G yesterday for herself so that we could video call each other heh). So while I play with my new toy, here's a pic of how it looks.

P.S. see I told u it just gets better..haha :P

Friday, August 11, 2006

[fireworks on national day]


My best shot...and it's pathetic. Hmph. Gonna try again this Sat.

Monday, August 07, 2006

[Waiting for my retreat]

Ahhhh Part 2 is awesome!! Was waiting eagerly for the surprise that I'd receive in my mail. Guess what it is? A spa voucher!!! Weeeee!!! Thanks girls!! Just perfect! Hehe. At The Retreat some more..look so high class. La la la la la. In dream land now...deciding which branch to go to...far far at Changi but nice scenery...or nearer at Orchard...hmmm.... :P

Thursday, August 03, 2006

[It just gets better!]

Wow! I love surprises. And I love birthdays even more; cos that's when I get even more surprises! Pleasant ones too heh.

After a failed attempt at star-gazing on Friday at the science centre observatory (it started pouring the instant we stepped into the place!) and a dinner (not-so-treat) at a hawker centre, I thought I wasn't gonna enjoy my b'day. Ok well, I enjoyed the piece of strawberry cake that GH bought me, esp after the trouble she went through asking the person what all the cakes contained (she didn't want to get anything with alcohol in it for me...sweet little girl).

On Sat I went back to Crescent for Sakura's speech day. She got two awards - Best in Humanities (HY) and Bronze award for her O-level results. I told her I was jealous cos I only got the Bronze award last time haha. Anyway, it was Crescent's 50th anniversary so the speech day was special. They launched some arts conservatory thingy, and the guest of honour was Stella Ng, who is apparently famous but I've never heard of before lol. She was pretty nervous cos it was her first speech ever, but I think she did pretty well. Wise words for a lady her age. And her dress was very girly-pretty too. Lucky prize winners - got to shake hands with a celeb heh. After the nostalgic presentation of the 50 yrs of Crescentian-hood, I must say I felt pretty proud to be a Crescent girl. Saw a couple of pics which had myself n my frens (it was Crescent's 40th when we were in Sec time flies!). Can't imagine I actually remembered the school song which I sang with pride at the end of the ceremony. The day when we must part, may Crescent remain in our hearts!

Later on watched Cabaret with Aishah. She was still limping from her op but at least without the tongkat tsk tsk. It was a very entertaining piece, very provocative and sexy too ;). Then again, it's Cabaret...not exactly a family-friendly show as Fei Xiang put it heh. It was a good mixture of harsh facts of reality of the Nazis during Hitler's time, and the razzle dazzle of show biz. I liked the lead actress, pretty good acting, but she was kinda petite...hard to stand out. And I decided I ain't gonna buy a 3rd category ticket anymore haha. We were sitting in Circle 2 but right at the back...ok lah..I could see..with my glasses on...but can't see their expressions clearly. I'm a visual person ;) The show was quite short, both of us thought it would be around 2 hours, but after the half way intermission, there was only 30 mins to the end, so it was only 1.5 hrs. After the show...there was a failed attempt to treat me at Haagen Dazs. I usually (try to) pay for Aishah since she's still studying n all. So when the bill came, ironically directly to me as if they knew I was the one with the money lol, I quickly took out my card. Then only later on Aishah was like..u know what..i wanted to treat u. haha. oh well. next time i shld learn to read hints better :P After that I met Flo who treated me at Nana Thai for dinner. We went back to her hang out...then I went back home.

Sunday morning I finally got to sleep in. Woke up happy at 10.30 and excused myself from cooking :P Had to rush to tidy the room cos computer guy was coming to install our original XP (the pirated one kept worrying my dad cos he said he didn't wanna get caught lol). Then Sakura n I went to Marina Square to meet the berries for lunch. I was like half an hour late...but well...I was the guest of honour afterall hehe. (Ok lah, I did feel bad coming late...sorry..). I was surprised to see Isma there. Was also surprised that Sakura came friends have a good insider. We went to Swenson's after (another) Thai lunch (theme this yr: saf likes thai food apparently. haha) for ice creaaammmmm. Yummy. Haha. Shared choc malt with Isma, was getting a bit high (we think Far was already high on her peanut butter float!). The girls had to go off after we took some pics and prezzie time [I got a handbag yay! i suspect sakura told them wat i wanted..hmmm] Sobs..what workaholics they are tsk tsk. But anyway I had a great time with them. Thanks gals! Really made my day =)

Was so surprised that Flo came to join us. Found out that she was in "it" too, she knew what time the rest were leaving so she came just as they were leaving. She surprised me with a sunflower bouquet...hee. Was so happy. Too bad she took it out after the rest I cldn't show it off. Hahaha. Sorry, but I'm a sucker for romantic gestures keke. Anyway, I made sure half the town saw my flowers cos I carried them in my arms everywhere tsk tsk. So much so Flo didn't want so much attention we were getting :P. The best part was when she was asking me what she should get me, I vaguely thought "a bunch of flowers wld be nice" and voila! I guess we're so close that we can sense each other's vibes. kewl. Now I should start plucking the petals...she loves me...loves me not...

Ended the day with mum's treat at Newton food centre. She was craving for ikan bakar for a long time and the last time we came here the place was under renovation. So we used this as an excuse to go there. The new place looks nice but I think the ventilation sucks. The sheltered seating places were so smoky, luckily we got an open air table. We had huge prawns, ikan bakar, and some vege dishes...and to top it up we had music accompaniment by an orchestra. As if I hadn't eaten enough for the day, we went to NYDC at Orchard to have dessert. Wanted to spend more time with mum. The cheese cake was a disappointment but the mudpie was yum yum. I didn't enjoy my mocha drink either...wanted to grab sakura's latte. We had a great time chilling n laughing then headed home. Well what can I say, I had a great 24th! =)
P.S. Am waiting EAGERLY for part 2 of the berry surprise!