Monday, November 19, 2007

[Learning to Trust]

Learning To Trust

Go softly here, let me lead the way,
so shadows can not hide behind this door,
for skepticism is my greatest foe,
yet hope forever, forces me to stay.

Be gentle now so I can learn to trust;
betrayal comes in colors of the night.
My soul desires a warm and loving touch;
please do not say you love me if it's lust.

With just a touch, my secret is revealed;
a traitor's body, defies my decree.
Before this night my spirit was concealed.
Malice enslaved, now passion sets me free.

Suspicion is the only truth I know;
Please close the door behind you when you go.

~ Susan Maree ~

Saturday, November 17, 2007

[happy birthday blueberry!]

yummy dessert

the happy b'day girl

min n me

this is really late...but happy birthday mel! hee =)

Friday, November 09, 2007

[good Deepavali for me]

I just remembered I forgot to wish my Indian friends Happy here u go..Happy Deepavali. Heh..better late than never right? :P

Anyway, I finally had my lazy day. Yay. On Wed nite I had tuition with a new student, at a really ulu place in Jurong West. Didn't know student hostels existed there (they're actually HDB flats I think)...there was Sheng Siong there, and even life, for such a seemingly deserted part of Singapore. I didn't even have an address, just directions to get there. Was relieved I managed to find the place even though I was 20 mins late heh. After tuition, I wanted to call a cab but I didn't even know where exactly I was so that was impossible. I was pretty infuriated, cos after waiting so long for a vacant cab, some bunch of !*&#@! cut queue and took my cab...grrr. Luckily Flo was sleeping over and since she was on the way to Clementi in a cab, she got her cab driver to rescue me. Wee, what would I do without her. =)

We watched Good Luck Chuck...first time seeing Jessica Alba in a romantic comedy role. The movie was alright, kinda predictable but sweet, though I don't think the role suited her...she should stick to hot adventurous roles like Dark Angel or Invisible Woman. HAWT. Then saw a couple of really weird movies which flo had..gosh..they made me have weird dreams that night. Lol. Woke up late yest which was really really good. Felt very rested. Flo helped me cook nasi lemak..for my first try, I must say it was pretty good ;). We watched Final Destination 3 after that (finally completed the trilogy) and more weird movies...but I fell asleep halfway. I think it was cos I was too comfy lying on Flo. Haha. So yeah, I got lots of rest.

In the evening, when I finally decided to open my eyes, we went for a drive to my student's area so that I could familiarise with it. After having some satay there, we headed home..and suddenly i was dreading going back to work. ZZZ. I wanna be a tai-tai. Send me a rich husband please. Heh.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

[here's to 3 years and more]

Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to Florence,
Happy birthday to you!

And the birthday girl turns 26 on 3rd Nov 2007. Oops, am I not supposed to reveal her age? Ok, she's 21. Haha. As the tradition goes, celebration almost always equals to eating, so on Friday night we went to Royal Plaza to have a buffet dinner at Carousel. Been wanting to try the food there since they had their makeover, and I must say, I wasn't disappointed. The ambience of the place was much cooler than before, very trendy. The food was good as well - variety was huge (International cuisine)...and the highlight, for me at least, was DESSERT. Yum yum. The pastries were good and the chocolate fondue was mmmmm. Too bad we were stuffed pretty fast, didn't gulp down that much food..but ok lah, I think we ate to meet the cost of the buffet..haha. The only thing that was ridiculous was the $11 fruit juice which I'm never gonna order again. I snapped loads of pics of the b'day girl..shall put them up when they're ready.

Next day was mostly lazing in at the b'day girl's place...waking up late and spending the day doing brainless things like watching movie after movie. Caught two sequels of Final Destination...was surprised I actually remembered the plot. Still remember watching it with my JC friends..the twins, Ina, and the Mr-Koh-crazy girl. Haha. Yep, my Angklung gang..hmm..nostalgic.

In the evening we headed down to the Esplanade to catch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. We were a lil early, so I annoyed Flo a lil more with more pics. haha. Wanna make use of my cam as much as possible. The musical was exciting! The plot was..well..meant for kids I guess...and the songs weren't particularly catchy. But the special effects, dancing and costumes were great. I loved it when the car floated..and even flew! Weee!!! We were expecting it to "fly" (slightly) above the audience, but too bad it didn't (Peter Pan still wins big time on that point!). The car with its wings n all against the starry backdrop looked cool anyway...made me wanna get up on the car with them heh. Me want a flying car....or a magical one just like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang...

Still energised after the show (and full from dinner), we watched Don Juan Demarco back at flo's. Johnny Depp was ultimate droolable material. Ahh..I wish I were one of his conquests. I'd have to be just one of the thousands of gals he's mesmerised, but at least I'd get to be kissed by him. Lol. We slept in again on Sun morn, then went to Sim Lim to buy the b'day girl a prezzie. Being the very efficient shopper she is, we settled on the first within-price-range camera we found - a Canon Powershot A550. For the price we paid, I think it was a fantastic deal...even a discounted 2GB SD card and a rechargeable batteries kit were thrown in. Oh and not forgetting the free screen protector. I love discounts. Haha. We had lunch at Banana Leaf Apollo was spicily good as usual. Ahh..can never have enough of those masala prawns... After getting a good deal at M1 on a prepaid card - which came with a free gift (I chose a toaster) and a spin-the-wheel gift (I won an electric toothbrush..was eyeing it even as I was queueing hee), we came to my place to chill.

At about dinner time, uncle dolah called to ask us if we wanted to go out for dinner...he missed flo and wanted to give her a bday kiss lol. We had a great time, glad sakura peeled away from her A-level mugging to join us. After a sumptuous dinner at our usual haunt, we went over to Swenson's for ice cream. We had lots n lots of ice cream; even an ice cream cake for the b'day girl. She looked happy. Heh =) Glad she felt loved; she was especially touched that people who are not her family were so eager to celebrate her special day with her. We love u Flo! :)

Phew, and that about sums it up. Hope the b'day girl had a fantastic time. **Muaks**

Friday, November 02, 2007

[freakin' annoying taxi driver]

Had about the worst experience with a cab driver so far yesterday. Way worse than being cheated my money for taking weird longer routes. This guy appeared nice at first - asking sweetly which preferred route I have. Ever had one of those cabbies with the sign: "Dear Passenger, please let me know your preferred route and please alert me beforehand if you want to turn or alight at a certain place."? Good I thought; at least no misunderstandings over why he took a longer route, etc. I've even seen a cabby with a footnote "please do not give a $50 dollar note as I may not have change" - fair enough, at least there was a warning.

Throughout the drive, this fella was ramming the engine and cursing at drivers who were either slow, blocking his way, or one thing or another. Well, typical aggressive driver I thought. Then came the horrible part. I reached my destination and took out a $50 note to pay. He turned around immediately and said I just started my shift so I don't have change. Like I was born yesterday - if you've just started your shift all the more you should bring change in case of a big note...ever heard of preparedness?? So I told him nicely that I didn't have change. Then he suddenly gruntled on and on about "I don't care you have to give me small change or else I'll drive you somewhere else to get change". I'm like "hey, I really don't have change", while digging in my bag looking for enough small notes which I didn't have. So he suggested I pay by credit card or NETS but I said I didn't want to cos there's an extra charge. That's when things got worse - he said he'd drive me off to the nearest petrol station, get his money and not bring me back to my destination. Like wtf. He should've told me at pick up that he didn't have change, I would've gladly taken another cab. When I told him that, I got another nagging about how passengers should do the asking, don't take the cab drivers for granted etc etc.

By that time there was a queue forming at the pickup point and the cars behind started honking. He thought by opening his window and flashing the $50 note ppl would understand...I'm glad they continued honking at him. Even the security guard was asking him to move off but he threatened me (with the meter still on) that he'd drive off some other place and leave me there after taking his fare. I called Flo so that she could come pay for me. But in the end I just wanted my money back and to get out of the cab (plus not anger the other vehicles), so I paid by NETS anyway. Idiotic cabbie said "don't worry, I'm not so hardup about the surcharge - afterall it goes to the company not me...u shouldn't be so stingy.." blah blah. So the moment he swiped my card, I got out of the cab adding, "Well, ur aggression is not gonna get u anywhere!" and slammed the door and walked off. He actually said "Thank you". Grrr. When I got out it was so embarrassing cos ppl at the lobby were staring at my cab. I turned around to look at the number plate, muttered the F word under my breathe, got a sympathetic nod from the security guard and stormed into the building. Oh yeah, that reminds me - I should write in to Comfort. And if you happen to flag down SHC 1503 Z, either avoid the idiot, or make sure u have plenty of small notes to pay for ur ride. Gah.

When I was done with my errand and was walking out of the building, the security guard said "bye" with a wide smile. I said bye but was a bit confused why he was so friendly. Maybe he was one of them who saw the incident. Haha. Well, can't remember, was too flustered. Luckily I had Flo to comfort me. Thanks sweetie :P