Friday, September 28, 2007

[My vegetable intelligence]

Question # 1: Feeling sluggish? Which vegetable should you eat?
Your Answer: Brussel Sprouts
Brussels sprouts contain a special type of sulfur that has proven effective in fighting cancer, but if you’re looking for energy, the avocado is the way to go. Avocado is rich in monosaturated fat, which is easily burnt off as energy. You can also find the natural energy boost in olive and peanut oils. Avocado, a popular food in ancient South and Central America, promotes cardiovascular health as well.

Question # 2: Which vegetable contains as much calcium as a glass of milk?
Your Answer: Broccoli
Not only does broccoli offer as much calcium as whole milk, but the body absorbs it faster. Collared greens, kale, and spinach, are osteoporosis’ worst enemies as well. Broccoli, high in vitamins A and C, is considered a super food. This distinction means that it has the ability to lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, and make you happier.

Question # 3: Which herb helps fight against cancer?
Your Answer: Cumin

Cumin seeds help digestion and provide an energy boost but if you’re looking for help in the battle against cancer choose fennel. Carrots, onions, and peas stand next to fennel as cancer fighters as well. An integral herb in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine fennel also contains high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C, strengthening the immune system.

Question # 4: Feeling blue? What vegetable should you choose?
Your Answer: Mustard Greens
Mustard greens prove effective in treating depression. Other natural Prozac alternatives include pumpkin, turnip greens, and kale. Mustard greens, a part of cuisine from China to South America, additionally helps fight asthma and keeps lungs healthy.

Question # 5: Spring cleaning? Which veggie is right for you?
Your Answer: Alfalfa

Alfalfa has been shown to effectively treat stomach disorders, but onions are the best choice for detoxifying your body. Parsley, sweet potatoes, and chard are all chock full of the stinky substance. Used since the sixth century as medicine, onions offer gastrointestinal benefits and lower blood sugar

Question # 6: Noticing some extra wrinkles? What vegetable do you need?
Your Answer: Bok Choy

Bok Choy provides an excellent source of Vitamin A and C, Beta-Carotene, dietary fiber, and calcium but pumpkin is your best bet for looking young. Pumpkin, a good source of fiber, iron, and folate, contains high levels of beta carotene, a chemical shown to slow the aging process. Pumpkin is one of the super foods, high in vitamins A and C, is considered a super food. This distinction means that it has the ability to lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, and make you happier. In addition, pumpkin seeds work to lower cholesterol and promote prostate health. Sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots, and broccoli all contain high levels of beta carotene as well.

Question # 7: Interested in preventing disease? Which vegetable lowers your chance of contracting colon and breast cancer?
Your Answer: Cauliflower
Cauliflower, an excellent source of Vitamin C, also contains sulphorophane, which has been shown to help prevent both colon and breast cancer. Sulphorophane is also found in broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and turnips.

Conclusion: I might not have the best of vegetable intelligence, but I'll keep this list in mind when I go on my healthy eating regime.

Friday, September 21, 2007

[You're a hopeless romantic for The Little Things]

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Breakfast in bed? An incognito text message? Nobody knows better than you that it's the little things that matter. Down to earth and reserved, romance works best for you when it's not dressed up like a big stereotype. We're pretty sure you're one of the last people on earth to propose in skywriting, right? After all, you probably think that things are best done with a little discretion and common sense, in love and out.

You probably think JLo explained it best when she sang, "My love don't cost a thing." So true! It's the little things in life that show just how important you are to the ones who love you.

Are You a Hopeless Romantic?

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

[Ramadan Mubarak]

Haven't posted for a long time. Too hectic at work (to some, that might seem a surprise :P) and busy with Ramadan (getting food on the table for buka and sahor has been a tiring challenge).

To all those fasting, Ramadan Mubarak. May you receive the blessings of this sacred month. =)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

[my prized haven]

Been waiting to have my own room for soooo long. Now I have a place to call my own. Decorated in my own style, my own colours (purple!), filled with my own mess. hehe. It's been a while since I "moved in"...never got down to blogging about it. I spent several months on it actually - started with my wardrobe, then bed, curtains, desk, chest of drawers, and finally the bookshelf. Why it took so long? $$MONEY$$! I think I spent more than 2.5k on furnishing the room, and effectively depleted most of my savings. Lol. Wonder how much furnishing my own house is gonna be...hmmm...let's not go there...

Another reason why it took so long cos I was looking for the best. Best price of course, but more importantly, what I pictured I wanted my room to have. Like I finally got my sliding door cupboard (yay!), and a bed that pulls out into a single level double bed (double yay!), horizontally striped curtains (which suited perfectly with my cupboard and overall lavender-blue theme...yay yay yay!), a chest of drawers that were the perfect height, the bean bags (tho I wanted them in cloth..and just one..heh) and finally the bookcase...which was supposed to be L-shaped but unfortunately the light switch next to the door made the space to small (but it looks great anyway). Even paid attention to lil things like a purple-and-white clock, a white frame for far's painting of swedish spring (lovely!), the Chinese painting (thank u flo! and thanks for being patient with the long hours shopping n irritating u with my indecision haha), and the blue duckie mat lol. Ah, and a "notice board" for my err..notices...and a world map to mark my travelled places - to inspire me where to go next before I sleep every night - on the pretty purplish bedsheet haha. I love my room! Weeee!

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Saturday, September 01, 2007

[amore women's day out 07]

Had a great workout this morning at Ngee Ann City for Amore's Women's Day Out. I thought I'd have to lug myself out of bed but surprisingly I sprang out of bed at 8.30 and headed there dressed in pink. Nope, I didn't wanna wear the tank top they gave...but at least I was in the pink theme.

The workout started out with cardiotoning exercising then kickboxing. The kickboxing was cool - I finally got to try it yay! (never did go for any at cali fitness heh). The second half was belly dancing. They provided shawls for us to tie around our waist..complete with jingles..and boy, did I feel sexy. Lol. It's pretty tough especially when u aren't used to gyrating ur hips - left right wooooooo. haha. Have to thank GH for asking me to go along with her.

Was an exciting morning mass exercising, and the goodie bag was yummy-licious too (**shamefully admits that that's the MAJOR reason I went for the event tsk tsk**). From HL milk to Anlene yoghurt and Yakult collagen, oh and the plenty of mineral water they supplied to keep us hydrated. There's loads of stuff like liquid laundry detergent, a skipping rope which has a counter, a squishy dumbbell, darlie toothpaste, travel tissue, panty liners, sample pads, SHAPE mag, contact lens case (which I have absolutely no use for..), silkpro shampoo and face I feel like I'm advertising for them lol. Along with those, there's plenty of vouchers for makeovers, OTO machines (anyone needs??), MPH, wallet shop, amore fitness and spa...well..the list goes on. And since I'm a voucher gal, I'm happy! Yay!

Did I add I love the gym bag the most?? Hehe

the huge turnout

partners in fitness

belly dancer wannabe