Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[Happy Birthday Habibi!]

This marks yet another year of us celebrating Habibi's birthday together. With a difference this year, because our little one is here to mark it with us. Unfortunately, with the little one being here it made it all the more harder (what with transport nonsense and such) for me to go out and get something for Habibi.  But as he said, and I agree, he's a happy man, he doesn't need anything else. Kekeke. Afterall, he did buy a tablet recently, and he said he's a satisfied man because his little bundle of joy is here, so I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.

I did try to make it up by cooking him his favourite dish - ayam masak kicap and cumin rice.  Almost missed that even because the night before I had to wake up several times thanks to you-know-who, so I was totally knocked out when I came back from work (have to thank you-know-who though for letting me nap so long hehe).  By the time I woke up, I barely had enough time before Mr F came home. Good thing I managed to finish cooking on time. 

Our family pic :)

My birthday boys!
Incidentally Baby H also turned 3...months that it was double celebration.  We ended our lil celebration with an ice cream cake from BR - yum yum! Happy Birthday Baba, love you lots! Happy 3 months sayang..muak muak!