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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

[Number 2]

And so as of 14 Sept we found out, after 2 stick tests, that Number 2 is on the way. It was a bit of a surprise because knowing what a worrier I was, I thought my recently diagnosed adenomyosis would hinder chances of conceiving, especially since there were two months of no news. Ha. Guess my magic number is 3 cos even with the boy, I conceived in the 3rd month of trying.

How do I feel? It hasn't really sunk in, although the nausea has set in. Going for a scan this Friday - maybe things will be more "real" then.

I want a girl! Haha. Yes, please! I wanna buy cute pink dresses and silly headbands. T-shirts and pants are getting boring! Fingers crossed!

Now how about that for a post that might revive my blog? Speaking of which, I have obviously been too busy to blog after the boy started crawling...or walking... Had many intentions of updating it but maybe nothing so significant as this piece of news heh.

Hope to update this pregnancy journey on this blog...wee!