Sunday, May 25, 2008

[Happy Birthday Far!]

Finally after a longgggggggg time we accomplished our mission to have a non just-eat-out meetup. And boy was it fun! Although our original plans were interrupted (bowling alley at CSC Bt Batok was full cos there was some tournament going on), it was good that we still dropped by the place - at least I got to check out my shortlisted wedding reception venue. Heh. I'm still wooed by the greenery...ah I love Bukit Batok. I should really give them a second chance and call them again for quotations heh.

We managed to force our bums to Chevrons to the bowling alley there instead..and Min was in one day we see both ur shortlisted venues. Haha. Talk about being efficient! ;) Mel was the outright champion of the day and although I picked up in the second round, I couldn't keep it up for the third. We were very much awed by Min's "zen" bowling style...even tried to emulate it tho it didn't always work lol. After some nachos with cheese and lots of laughter, we decided it was time go off - especially since the junior expert bowlers were making us feel pathetic. Picture 10-14 year olds who were so used to scoring strikes that they weren't even smiling whenever they did vs. us erm young ladies who clapped gleefully each time we managed to knock down some pins. Heh.

Japanese seemed the theme of the day since after Sakae Sushi, we had a "ramen" cake for the birthday gal. Must've been her lucky day cos she even got an ang pao from Mel's mum haha (thanks auntie *on far's behalf*). Had a lovely time with the HP gang as always. Here's some pics to prove it! (and gals..upload the rest soon ya?!) =)

far strutting her stuff!
ramen cake complete with chopsticks!
b'day gal intrigued with the cake
awww lovey pose
cut us some pieces!
the cake dissected

Saturday, May 24, 2008

[Verses of love]

I don't usually watch Indonesian movies. In fact, can't remember the last time I watched one. But this was a really good movie. A few lame lines here and there, but the movie's really worth a watch for the concepts of life and love portrayed very well in the story. Not just love for another human being, but love for God, and pursuing life to get closer to Him. My favourite line: I now realise love and wanting to possess someone is not the same. Oh and not to forget, Rianti Cartwright is beautiful, even when it's just her (alluring) eyes with her face covered up. ;) It's so good I even feel like watching it again. Or maybe I just love the mushy parts. Heh.

Ayat Ayat Cinta is a beautifully portrayed Islamic love story – a tale of a virtuous Muslim protagonist who overcomes all obstacles of life maintaining pure ideals.

Fahri bin Abdillah is a poor, intelligent student who wins a scholarship to complete his graduate degree at Egypt's esteemed Al Azhar University. Very disciplined and dedicated by nature, Fahri embraces his life in Cairo, completing his studies and translation of religious books with full enthusiasm, exactly according to pre-determined targets.

Only one goal is left unattempted: the pursuit of marriage.

For Fahri is innocent and pure, and doesn't believe in the concept of relationships prior to marriage. He is inarticulate and shy around women. All his life, only two women have been close to him – his mother and grandmother.

Life changes drastically in Egypt for he suddenly finds himself surrounded by four beautiful, distinctly different women.

Maria Girgis, a shy, open-minded Coptic-Christian neighbor who is attracted to the teachings of the Holy Al Quran, finds herself falling in love with Fahri (a fact she only reveals to her diary).

Nurul, a student at Al Azhar like Fahri, is the Muslim daughter of a renowned Indonesian cleric. Fahri feels unworthy of her and thus ignores his feelings for her, leaving her confused and guessing.

Noura, an abused Egyptian neighbor, develops strong romantic feelings for Fahri, who in turn simply sympathizes with her situation. His romantic rejection destroys her and eventually leads to a false accusation of rape.

Aisha, a German Turkish student in Cairo haunts Fahri with her beautiful eyes. Following an incident on the metro where Fahri defends her against narrow minded bigoted Muslims, both immediately develop feelings for each other.

As the story unravels, the protagonist makes the audience face the daunting decisions he himself faces, and forces us to marvel at his undying loyalty to the true ideals of Islam as he ultimately makes the choice of a lifetime.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[Meaning of flowers]

Not sure which flowers say it best? Use this as a guide:

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (the best flowers to apologise):
Geraniums – stupidity, folly
Yellow Gerberas – I'll try harder to win your love
Orange Gerberas – You are the sunshine of my life

Don't Worry, Be Happy (the best flowers to brighten someone's day):
Freesias - thoughtfulness
Orange Roses – feelings of enthusiasm, fascination
Sunflowers – adoration, following the sun
Yellow Tulips – there's sunshine in your smile

Thank You For Being a Friend (the best flowers to say thank you):
Pink Roses – gratitude, admiration, appreciation, friendship, thankfulness
Peach Roses – gratitude, appreciation, admiration
Yellow Roses – joy, friendship

Be My Baby (the best flowers to express new love):
Red Tulips – declaration of love, believe me.
White Roses – spiritual love, happy love
Lavender Roses – love at first sight, enchantment

I Will Remember You (the best flowers to express sympathy/condolences):
Forget-Me-Nots – memories, remembrance
Crimson Roses – mourning
Pink Roses – sympathy
White Roses – reverence
Lily of the Valley – humility, new life
Chrysanthemums – passing of a life

An Apple A Day (the best flowers to express Get Well wishes):
Sunflowers – sunshine, following the sun
Orange Gerberas – you are the sunshine of my life
Freesias – thoughtfulness

Celebrate Good Times (the best flowers to say Congratulations):
Birds Of Paradise – magnificence
Lilies – magnificent beauty, wealth, pride, majestic
Sunflowers – adoration
Yellow & Red Roses - congratulations

I Will Always Love You (the best flowers to express true love):
Yellow & Orange Roses – passionate thoughts
Thornless Roses – love at first sight
Red Roses – love, passion, respect, courage, I love you
Orange Lilies – flame, I burn for you

while we're on the topic...

10 Reasons to Send Flowers to your Sweetheart
10. To remind her that you exist.
9. So she'll forget that you came 2 hours late for your last date.
8. To prevent her from dumping you for someone who will give her flowers.
7. Because you can't figure out what else to give her.
6. Sending flowers is easy – you can order them while you wait for the match to start.
5. She'll tell her girlfriends about it, and soon you'll gain a reputation for being a gentleman.
4. Because life is a bed of roses. Avoid being the thorn.
3. She'll expect them. Sooner or later.
2. It makes you happy to see her smile.
1. Because you love her.

To the guy(s) reading this..hint hint ;)


Saturday, May 03, 2008