Tuesday, March 23, 2010

[4 months and counting]

It hasn't exactly been 4 months but well, just a few days away.

Haven't blogged much cos well, nothing very exciting has been happening. Our attempt to visit the iris fields at the beginning of the month turned out to be...well...let's just say the official reason is bcos there was poor visibility cos of the sandstorm. Lol.

I'm coping much better, tho I still miss home a lot. Less dreams of being back in Singapore and more confident that I'll survive here. Sorta. This doesn't include the couple of melt downs I had about being here. Hubby said we'll work towards going back to Sg end of the year...keeping my fingers, toes, limbs, whatever else possible crossed.

I didn't want this to be a melancholy entry...but hmmm...

As of 3 wks ago been having extremely sharp pain in my stomach. And I don't even mean abdomen like how u need to crap kinda pain...I really mean STOMACH pain...like 2cm below the sternum. Which is scary. Especially when it's at night and you can't sleep because every possible position doesn't ease the pain. 2 wks ago had a visit to the A&E bcos I couldn't take it anymore. And this was like after a LOT of resistance, bcos I hate hospitals, especially when I have to go at 4am in the morning. Diagnoses have been conflicting...the A&E dr and specialist at the usual hospital we go to think it's gastritis, but my big boss things it's IBS (irritable bowel syndrome - possibly brought on by the stress of moving, new envirnoment, etc). Whatever it is, I just hope the pain goes away soon. I need sleep.

The pain is much lesser now. Please pray that I get well soon.
Meanwhile, our house is turning into more of a home. We've got a flower pot on our tv cabinet, a side table and a painting up in the living room and curtains to shield us from the freaking strong summer sun. The skies decided to skip spring this year (just as I was enjoying the cool winter) - which explains the sandstorms. Note: sandstorms are formed when there are rapid changes in the temperature...I guess this causes wind currents, which blow sand from the deserts into the city. On a bad day, the whole world just looks yellow like a perpetual sunset, except it's far from pretty because of the poor visibility. Hubby's been so protective he doesn't let me go out during sandstorms so that my asthma doesn't get triggered (awww). Ah and I should add, the house is also looking more lived in..i.e. messier..lol. :)