Wednesday, May 04, 2011

[A Nabatean Adventure]

According to Kak Su, there are two places that are definitely worth going here - EOTW and MS.  So since we've done EOTW last year, this time we ventured to MS.

In my layman terms, MS is an archealogical site on the west of this country. They were the same people who settled in Petra, which was the capital of their kingdom.  For more details, please refer to this.  Seems there is some Islamic history to it too.  This trip was much more adventurous albeit being a guided tour.  Off we were at 4am to the airport; a sleepy me equals a grumpy me so I warned hubby not to irritate me on the 4 hour bus ride we had to take once we landed.

I shall not go into details but the highlights of the trip were the Elephant Rock, the tombs of course, and the marvellous canyons surrounding the landscape.  Even our hotel was impeccably placed in a valley hence there were beautiful rock structures all around us.  The whole time, the lot of us felt as if we were not in this country, rather transported into some exotic location like the Grand Canyon. Indeed, it was that beautiful! Subhanallah.  Who can deny God's existence after seeing such beauty that encompasses us?

The service was perfect throughout the trip. We had security with us almost all the time - the official reason is that the king wants his tourists to be safe while venturing. Our take on it? Well contact me privately to find  There were no delays, the guide and driver were friendly, the hotel though 2 star had amazing facilities including a pool which had a lot of privacy.  They even provided drinks in a cooler so that we did not get dehydrated, the buffet meals were satisfying and they even planned rest hours in the day so that we did not melt under the sun.  The group was also very diversified, with Europeans, Americans and us Asians.  Lovely people, would love to keep in touch with them.

I'm glad we made this pre-summer trip even though there were some complications initially (next one will be in Nov). Shall look out for more adventures in the coming months, but of course, with limitations...hehe.

Can you see the elephant?
Tombs tombs and more tombs

One of the few examples of lovely landscape

He was practising on the new cam, I enjoyed being the model :P

The biggest tomb standing tall and alone (and yes, it was windy)

For lots and lots more pictures, and a clearer story, click here.

[time to slow down]

April was extremely fun-filled.  Actually we've been having adventures from mid May till last week, from iris fields to desert biking to an impromptu trip to the east coast (beach..yay!), our MS trip, an istiraha party and more.

Thank you Mr F for putting in so much effort in keeping me "occupied" and happy. Happy indeed I am. But at this point, (actually even during some point mid-April), it's time to slow down.  Too much of anything is not good right? Haha.

The weather is getting a bit wonky, sandstorms almost every other day.  One day it's bright and sunny (and hot!), then a sandstorm happens, then the next day it rains. I'm loving the rain, but if only it'd happen without the sandstorms.  Unfortunately that's how things work here in the desert.  The weather is getting too warm for no aircon, but too much aircon plus constant exposure to dust made me get a sorethroat.  Hope it doesn't worsen to anything else!

Stay tuned for my post about our MS adventure!