Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[missing vertebrate]

Alas, after 4 doctors and plenty of x-rays...I finally got an answer as to why my back has been killing me, and will probably do so for a long time to come (boo). I apparently have 4 lumbar vertebrates instead of the usual my poor lower back is working overtime. I found it pretty amusing actually...almost laughed initial reaction was "oopsie something's missing". haha. I think I'm going a bit wonky with all the stress. Jumping from doc to doc n not finding a solution. And worse still having doctors who don't believe I'm in terrible pain and say that i CLAIM to have the pain or that I just have to live with it since I've been living with it for the past 5 yrs. Like seriously, just cos I've been living with it doesn't mean I get immune to the pain or something. And I'd think looking for second/third/fourth opinions wld actually imply I need some relieve but apparently they fail to see that point. I think doctors should have a "how to treat patients nicely" module in their curriculum, or a guideline that says "don't make patients lose hope juz cos u can't do anything for them" one.

Oh well..a little bio for those who have no idea what I'm talking abt..enjoy the diagram haha. I guess I'll have to stick to drugging myself with painkillers that don't actually work and tossing and turning at night to find a comfortable position to sleep. But I could use this as an excuse to go for more massages; swedish, thai, javanese, the works hehe. I should shower more love to my dearest four lumbars who've been working overtime for me :P And of course, I wanna thank my sweetheart flo for looking after me so well the other day when I could hardly walk. Thank god she followed me to the clinic or else I wldn't have survived the journey home alone. Love u loads babe. Muak! (hope this ain't too emo for the lot of u who read this heh)

Monday, July 24, 2006

[solitary in the spotlight]

Untrusting but gullible. The sociable recluse. Contradicting eh?

I went for a gathering on Sat night at the wine company (no i wasn't drinking). I didn't really wanna go but since my friends were pretty eager abt me attending, i tagged along. It was err.. a bit dull for me cos I didn't feel like mingling with the crowd, and not that I usually do. It didn't help that I hardly knew anyone in the crowd. It was funny that the girl sitting at our table asked me why I wasn't mingling, then she admitted she wasn't much of a "mingler" herself heh. The ironic part was that I was sitting in a very conspicuous spot, directly in the line of the spotlight. As the night went by, I had several ppl coming up to me and asking me why I was just sitting there..tsk tsk..I cleverly replied that I was waiting for ppl to come to the gal in the spotlight. Tho that didn't happen...much... But ok lah...I enjoyed the company, and the few conversations I had were meaningful. Wine anyone?

Monday, July 03, 2006

[I don't do boy presents]

Had a busy weekend (ok what's new..). On Sat, went out with my colleagues to watch Greece at the OmniMax. We were so enthusiastic..or at least AL was...that when we entered the theatre close to 10 am (yup early indeed..), we were the only ones there. For a moment we thought they'd be screening the movie just for us, then a few more ppl trickled in. I had to limp the way back to jurong east central cos my sandal strap broke (clumsy me!) and GH's plaster cldn't hold it...pretty embarrassing...but luckily it was just them. I mean, like luckily I wasn't out on a date or anything when it happened... Grabbed a pair of sandals from the first shoe shop we saw then went for lunch. Had a fantastic day, complete with star-gazing and all =)

Sunday..hmm..was half an hour late meeting ery. Was supposed to get her a b'day prezzie. She was pretty fickle abt what she wanted, but at least we didn't spend that long shopping. Then I met up with a friend to pass her some CD's...was nice to catch up. I lost Ery half err I guess we decided to go our separate ways. Was thinking of what to get Andrew for his b'day but I didn't know what was suitable...male colleague, close but not close, and the worst part is that I realised I hardly buy prezzies for guys. (Ok I guess Y was an exception...but that was easy...he was my bf...he had to like whatever I got I didn't have to worry whether the gifts wld be too personal.) Anyway I settled for a Nike cap...yeah...I like it. I hope I don't have to do boy prezzie shopping again anytime soon...big headache...and I usually prefer getting cute stuff!