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Monday, July 30, 2007

[some reminiscing]

since we're on the topic of how i've matured..haha.
(plus my amateurish photoshoping skills hehe)

[spot the difference]

Flo pointed out that I wore the same tshirt for last year's bday. Haha.

[happy quarter century to me]

Sounds OLD. And apparently some ppl see a need to remind me of the fact lol. First it was my dear cousin. A min later it was my auntie, then uncle. And the next morning, my sis. And my aunt swore they didn't coordinate their greetings. But hmm..I'm only as old as I feel rite?

When I was younger (or maybe when all of us were), I looked forward to bdays cos of the prezzies...the more the merrier. Better to have numerous small ones than one big one. Bring 'em on! Lol. Now it's more the company that I treasure - who I'm gonna spend my special day with, what we're gonna do together, the meaningful (and fun!) conversations we're gonna have.

Hey what does this say? I've matured (read: not old). Hehe =)

I got flowers from flo baby!! Purple!!!
(Trivia: - 20 stalks Believe me, I am sincere towards you
Love at first sight and enchantment
Send lavender roses of course, to convey the message of your "love at first sight" with that special someone. You can nevertheless also send them if you would like to make a special impression.)
Flo loved me at first sight. Heh ;)

My b'day cake..not. Tsk tsk.

More like my cake..mocha cream cake from Crystal Jade. Nice! (Also my first triangle cake haha)

All smiles b'day girl

P.S. Does anyone know who my secret admirer is? Ask me for details heh. Or are u the one?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

[selamat pengantin baru]

She looked like a very happy bride. All smiles when she came out in her second costume. Lovely white dress, accompanied by ash in his military uniform. It also served as a little reunion for a lot of us. Wishing you a blissful marriage =)

More pics of su's wedding (ripped from azi :P)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

[4th of July]

To the Americans reading this (tho I doubt there are), happy 4th of July.

Dad brought us for 4th of July celebrations at his workplace. It was pretty fun - music, food, the company, seeing the kids play, more food, drinks, fireworks. We didn't know it was a picnic, so when we arrived, we were are we gonna sit on the grass. So we walked around eating our kebab (there was Halal food..impressive!) and gulping down our root beer. Sakura and I saw an Indian family getting some of those black garbage bags. So when Dad came back, we "dared" him (or more like spare us the embarrassment) of asking the Bangla workers if we could take one too. We even told him to ask them and not the Chinese guys cos Indian-Indian will give chance lol. Not cos racist lah.

The ceremony was short, and maybe sweet...I wasn't paying attention to the speeches. I did however cringe because I was chagrinned at the Singaporean's behaviour when our national anthem was played. There was hardly any voices to be heard although there were plenty of us. The Americans on the other hand glorified their Star Spangled Banner by placing their hand on their chest and mouthing (if not singing) the words. When I went back to our picnic ground, dad even told me that the two Singaporean ladies next to us were happily lying down on their mats with their legs up in the air (demonstrating aerobics as I overheard from their conversation) throughout Majulah Singapura. Talk about patriotism, much more undignifying behaviour. At least I did my part, although I stole a few snaps during the anthem. Where did our NE lessons go?

Anyway, the fireworks were pretty amazing even though it was a small scale event. It was kinda scary too - it was so close that it was extremely loud. Even scarier was the fact that the "remnants" of the fireworks dropped on us. At first I was wondering why the poor kid next to us was wailing so loudly. I thought perhaps it was because of the loud sound. Then when the hot piece of paper (?) dropped on my arm, I was like OUCH. Even my sis was scared. I told her not to worry and then continued snapping more pics. I can never get tired of snapping shots of fireworks. They're just beautiful and extraodinary. I think the fun music helped too. Maybe we should come up with "Surfin' Singapura" lol.

[girl's best friend]

Need I say more? Haha.

Thank you baby.

(I was more experimenting with my camera's super macro really...)

Monday, July 09, 2007

[seven BLUNDERS of the world]

Since they can't decide on the seven wonders of the world...

The Seven Blunders of the World is a list that Mahatma Gandhi gave to his grandson Arun Gandhi during his last days. The seven blunders are:

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Knowledge without character
Commerce without morality
Science without humanity
Worship without sacrifice
Politics without principle

courtesy of wikipedia

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

[friggin' bad day for taxis]

As if yesterday was a brilliant day for me, today was even worse. Woke up half an hour late so I had to take a cab down to Suntec for the conference. On my main road, I saw that this lady was queueing for a cab so I waited by the side, AWAY from the edge of the road. Before I knew it, she came up to me angrily and said, "I've been queueing there for taxi before you YOU KNOW?" I felt like saying, "Chill, ^&(!@, do I even look like I'm hailing a cab (away from you)?" Too bad she walked off too fast; I had half the urge to run up to her and giving her a peace of my mind for accusing me of something I didn't intend to do at all. So much for being gracious and standing aside...apparently she didn't figure out what I was doing. Needless to say, the first sign of a cab she saw and there she was flailing her arm frantically as if to say, "Hey pick me up first cos I was here first!" Like hello, CHILL babe... Maybe she needs a chill pill...

Then some ppl came to wait for a taxi behind me . The guy flagged it down cos I didn't realise the cab was empty - but thankfully he let me have it first since I was first in line. Else he'd have gotten it from me haha. Was happy I got the taxi, but the driver took some weird route and made me pay $10.20 instead of the usual $8+. Plus he didn't press his "stop" button so the meter continued running at the taxi stand to $10.30. I thought he was gonna charge me $10.20 but my change was 10 cents short...grrr. If I hadn't been in a rush I'd have argued with him! Money making @#$%&*^!

On the way back to office, I shared a cab with my colleagues from Biopolis. They were (soundly) asleep at the back so since the cab driver took AYE, I asked him to exit at NUH so that he could go there first instead of alighting me at Buona Vista. He exited there alright, but instead of going straight into NUH, he went into the right-turn lane. So when I said he was supposed to go straight into NUH, he went like, "This lane cannot turn. If you want I turn right and U-turn back then go into NUH." Like wtf, wanna make my taxi bill higher is it?? Then later on when he alighted me around MOE before turning into Biopolis, he made it seem as if he was doing me such a big favour. Moron! Taxi drivers can be so annoying sometimes!!! The only comfort was that my colleagues let me ride free..yay. Heh.

Everything from yest till today just added up so by the time I reached office, I was almost in tears. I went to the toilet cos I was feeling nauseated but in the end I just burst into tears. Arghhh. But better than puking I guess. I feel better now. I think. I need closure. Bleah. Easy to say.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

[chocolate cake with frosting anyone?]

Was trying out my culinary skills today. First I tried out "Ayam Masak Lemak" (err..chicken cooked in coconut) fave dish mum used to make for us. Now that dad and I (and occasionally sis) have taken over the kitchen, we haven't had much variety in our dishes tsk tsk. So for a break from monotony I decided to try this out, from the vague idea that I had about the recipe (plus a little help from the Internet heh).

Verdict: Dish was perfect, or should I humbly say almost? Haha. Well, it tasted pretty good, tho I must've put in too many chillis cos it wasn't as yellow as it was supposed to be, so I added in a bit more tumeric. The stir fried french beans went well with the dish. Everyone enjoyed it. So that's a job well done. Yay!

For desert, I baked a chocolate cake. Was a bit of a cheat cos it was a prepared mix, but hey, it still needed effort. Lol. First I had to rummage thru the store room to find the cake mixer, which was missing the whisks. Found one in the end but I don't think they were the right one. By the time I was done struggling with the cake mixer , my wrists were crying for a rest (imagine this: whisking at medium speed while hanging on willfully to the whisk so that it doesn't ricochet away into the kitchen cabinets that my sis n I have just cleaned up very thoroughly after cooking). Then in the midst of doing who knows what, I managed to burn my hand on the hot toaster oven, which I never seem to avoid everytime I use it...I think I'm jinxed. Luckily it wasn't that bad so my hand wasn't scarrred. Phew. Then just as I was about to rejoice that my cake was almost done, I checked the oven and found that the cake was erupting from one side, almost like a volcano. I guess the mix was too much for the (biggest) cake pan I yeah..."molten" chocolate started to ooze out and sis and I ingeniously poured the excess out into a bowl, and baked a tiny (and I mean tiny!) little cake in the microwave, which was our "sample". Lol. What an adventure eh? Just for a piece of cake (no pun intended). The choc frosting was a bit watery, but tasted great anyway. Anyone wanna come over for dessert? ;)

P.S. I don't think the cake will survive for long at the rate dad is eating it. Lol.

Oh yeah, and I think I should admit that I decided to be so enterprising in the kitchen today of all days so that I could get away from having to complete my article which I'm supposed to submit to prof this wk. Tsk tsk.