Wednesday, July 28, 2010

[be grateful]

Dear Princess,

This is a reminder for you to be grateful. While you may be bored at home with nothing much to work on, consider this:

1) Some people would kill to have such a leisurely and well-paying job as yours.

2) You don't need to work OT like some of your friends do.

3) You don't need to bring home work work on weekends.

4) You don't have meetings at odd hours of the day, causing you to stay in the office till late.

5) You don't have to spend on lunch money.

6) You don't need to commute in the searing heat.

7) You don't have to wonder what to wear to work today.

8) You can take unlimited breaks as long as you complete your work.

9) There's no watchful eye over you.

10) You get to spend lunchtime with your hubby.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

[part 3]

The monotony of living here is back. Again 2 weeks feels like 2 months, and the regret of not extending my stay lingers more. Sigh. On the positive side, the thing that I daily look forward to over here is back.

My highlight of the day:
Part 1 - Hubby comes back for lunch.
Part 2 - We watch a series together (used to be a couple of Jap animes, now it's Frasier).
Part 3 - We cuddle up so that hubby can have a lil nap before facing the world again.

Part 3 is bittersweet because
1) Needless to say, we spend quality time together.

2) Most of the time, hubby (even at night) falls asleep the moment he hits the pillow. I will usually be the one disturbing him and keeping him awake, I guess because I'm in desperate need for company. Muahaha. When I eventually "pity" him, I'll watch him doze off. Sometimes I snooze off too.

3) It lasts for such a short period, I hardly fall asleep when his alarm goes off.

4) When his alarm goes off, I'm alone again. Sometimes I bargain for another precious 2 mins with him. :P

Today's part 3 was so welcomed that both of us slept through his alarm. Instead of waking up at 1.40, I woke up first at 2.00 and started wondering "Why do I feel so rested??". Only then did I realise hubby was late for work. Maybe my research conclusion should be "30 mins of a daytime siesta is more effective than a mere 15 mins". Hehe.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

[H@ppY 1st @nniVerS@ry]

Ah as the usual line time flies!! Can't believe it's been a year since we became one. Through the thick and the thin and the drama of trying to get together, we're finally living as a couple now, still going strong one year later.

At the risk of sounding mushy, I have this to say. I'm glad that after one year of marriage, we're still gushing over each other. Even songs that mean a lot to me/him brings out emotions in the form of a tear. When he sits away from me, I still wish he's sitting next to me. When it's time for bed, I ask him along too because the bed seems empty without him by my side. I always miss him when I wake up without him beside me, and the silly things he does to cheer me up. I still wonder how someone can be awed by the smiled of their loved one even though they've seen it plenty of times, and how I look forward to 6.30pm everyday so that I can hug him when he opens the door.

To my one and only, H@PPy FiRsT @nniVeRs@rY. May this mark the first of many wonderful anniversaries to come. :)

Here's what he got me...a sweet diamond necklace. It was quite a surprise..since he simply brought me to the store and said...i'm buying u something..pick what u like...hee. Needless to say I was grinning like an idiot :P. Will upload what I got him later.

Monday, July 05, 2010

[and i partied on]

Wow, I probably had the most intensive 3 weeks of "partying" in June. It was a really precious 3 weeks, a much needed and welcomed reprieve from my ahem..exciting life here. The activities did not end from the moment I landed, from meeting one bunch of friends to another to spending time with my family, and doing things I hadn't done in a while including watching movieSSSS and karaoke-ing (weet!!). I had so many requests for meetups, I even had to schedule breakfast meets! Needless to say, I had loads of fun. Oh the breath of freedom...I miss you already.

I guess my fears of losing my friends or losing touch with them were unfounded. When we met up, things were like always. Moral of the story: some things never change. Haha. That could be good and bad of course, like how someone prioritised other things over spending time with their (precious) daughter, but I shall not dwell on that. I guess 6 months is a short period of time, so not much has changed in Sg either [city vibe still not up yet!! tho I got lost at Somerset MRT cos of 313...]. Sakura kept telling ppl we met "Aiyah kakak thinks 6 months would've changed things dramatically". Well, in my defense, I thought things would have changed, at least a little, since my life changed so drastically after moving here. But Sg is as humid as it is, and dad is still as noisy as he always was. Lol.

Us charmed ones enjoyed our JB trip tremendously, eating, shopping, eating, swimming, err did I mention eating? In fact, I was so excited I didn't even sleep early despite having sedatives in my system after the endoscopy I had that morning. Talk about leading a hectic life huh..morning endo, afternoon JB and the evening upon returning from JB, met up with JC pals...phew...glad I survived it all. Another piece of news that emerged from this fruitful trip which I can announce loud and clear now (didn't want to jinx it initially) - Mr F is now a PR, complete with blue IC and all. Yippee! Can start looking for flats now :P

Yes yes, I'm chipper. Though I thought I'd stocked up on enough "fun" to not feel bored - by the 2nd day of returning here, I was feeling homesick all over again. Ah, I guess you can't have the cake and eat it too. No matter the bittersweet feeling, I wouldn't mind doing it all over again. Next time though, I would naughtily extend my trip especially since I learnt from big boss yesterday that the next 3 weeks "will be slow as most of the doctors are away". Great...if only I had had the guts to stay on using some wonderfully cooked up story of being held up because of floods... Maybe next time hehe :P
meetup with ex-colleagues @ Fika cafe
one of the many outings with the charmed ones (unfortunately this pic was taken at NUH haha...lost all my JB pics when I sent phone for servicing...sigh...)
dinner with ma ladies...crappy talk and full of laughter as always :)
a more intimiate dinner with G and PE
Did i mention I tried to fool my family that I was some one else? Unfortunately the disguise didn't work, they were waving way before I even came out..sigh...