Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[it's a girl!]

Had the mid term scan on 26th Dec and found out it's a girl!  Wee! Firstly our instincts were right and secondly I get to buy dresses!  Yay! Hehe. Yes I'm elated. We're almost half way there and thank goodness the morning (or whole day) sickness is gone. At least now I don't have to gorge myself with food to overcome the nausea. Have to say though this pregnancy has been wayyy easier than the last. Maybe my body's got the hang of it. Less vomiting,  less unpleasant things like haemorrhoids,  less visits to the doctor. Alhamdulillah thank You for Your blessings. Can't wait to see my lil girl in May.

For now,  wishing my kuchi poo a happy second birthday. You light up our day everyday and only God knows how much you mean to me. Muah muah muah. May Allah constantly bless you with health happiness and wealth always. ♥ Ibu