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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

[about the wedding]

wee. the date is drawing nearer and nearer. 6 months 11 days (or 192 days) as the widget mentions haha. feels like things are getting more and more 'real' as wedding preparations are underway. mak andam (makeup artist) - tick, pelamin (dais) - tick, photo/videographer - tick... wow, can't imagine that one year ago, we weren't even sure if his mum would accept me. talk abt moving a long way. glad our journey towards being together has been divinely guided. Alhamdulillah (all praises be to Allah).

created a wedding blog so that updates on D day can be posted there. stay tuned!

p.s. pls leave ur mark in the guestbook, so that i know i'm not the only one there..haha. might eventually use the site to communicate with bridesmaids as yun suggested (smart gerl!). for a quick jump to the site...refer to the link under "the lady" (oh and if anyone knows how to create a sticky post using needed...and appreciated...heh.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

[catching up]

Been a while since I last blogged. And since it's a rainy morning with hardly anyone in the office and whoever's here isn't in the mood to work since it's Christmas eve, I've decided to follow the crowd and do other things besides working...haha. My loyal "fans" (haha) have been asking why the absence from blogging. Well, I'm fine I guess. Been dealing with new drama at home, haven't really had the mood to do things. Plus I was busy writing up my thesis, which I'm proud to say has made it's first debut for prof to look through. Yay! So yep, thanks for all ur concern. I'm good! =)


continued today. boxing day. no more rainy morning atmosphere. but ppl still aren't in a mood to work and same applies to me hehe. but since i'm lacking a lil inspiration to write (maybe i stayed away from blogging a lil too long heh), i shall post some pics of my recent short getaway to KL. oh i cherish every day i get to be away from home. lol. it was an adventure ala amazing race at first, but thankfully everything ended up alright. don't ask for details. haha.

high on songs

high on songs after all that waiting...useful tho, got a list of 50 sappy love songs that can be played at my reception down to 32 lost the rest..gah....

KL airport...impressive
KLIA. We were impressed. Realised we've never stepped into the airport since whenever dad brings us there, it's always the cheapest rail or bus. heh.

3 adventurersah finally a clear shotback down..lovely view of the clouds
the three adventurers on the way up to Genting, and the lovely view back down.

right foot more businessme in fish spa finally..yay

yay finally tried fish spa!! and at a great price too!

petronas twin towerstall tall xmas tree

which trip to KL would be complete without visiting the twin towers (skybridge was closed darn...) and shopping!!! (tho well, sakura did most of it..sobs...)

More KL pics here!