Thursday, November 23, 2006

[to love or not to love]

Got this from a Ruth's blog:

What will you do if you face a situation where you love 2 people. Person A loves you madly but person B likes you (not sure madly) and you love person B madly but guilty of leaving person A?

A couple of other things came to mind:
Do you think it's alright if in a relationship A loves B more than B loves A? Should B feel guilty for not loving A equally? Are we able to define how much is equal love?

Comments anyone?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

[for M&M]

Ben & Jerry's performance

Far in her element

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The Band

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[view from the top]

I've been doing a lot of impulsive shopping lately - altho' it hasn't seem to be working in making me undepressed. Anyway Fri's one was the best so far. After dinner with ruth, yun n ester (and a crazy chat about boys n dates and even porn!), the girls brought me shopping. They suggested going clubbing so I said I wasn't in a sexy enough outfit, so they didn't let me out of IORA till I bought something haha. I was really about to give up cos I either didn't really like the tops or they were too sexy or didn't fit well. Then finally the salesgirl picked out something "retro" for me and voila..we could go clubbing now. It was hilarious cos I've never done such impulsive shopping - and literally buying and wearing the top immediately. But it was damn gals are the best! Must do more shopping n crazy stuff with u all heh.

We went to New Asia bar after that - at the 70th storey of Raffles City. The view was amazing and the music was really good too. Saw ruth n ester flaunt a bit of their dancing skills, then I decided to join in the fun. I think we were among the tamest there...but had loads of fun anyway! Here's some pics!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

[a tale of love and desire]

I caught Notre Dame De Paris last Saturday with Sakura. And of my criteria for a good musical, the overture was left ringing in my head after the was good haha. I was a bit hasty in buying the tickets - was happy with the 20% UOB card discount, but now NTUC is offering 30% discount for members..grr. No fair no fair. I burnt a hole in my (August) pocket, but I guess it was worth it...wouldn't get good seats if I buy tix now.

It was a lovely musical with lots of grandeur. I managed to read thru the summary of the classic by Victor Hugo, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame". Pardon me but I'm not good in my classics so I needed a little refreshing abt what the story was about. Even after reading the summary I got a bit confused during the show tsk tsk. Good thing I had Sakura (tho she was hoping I'd tell her what the story was abt...I guess we both didn't pay attn to our classics...) I don't usually enjoy sung-through musicals but this one didn't have silly lyrics like a couple I've watched before. The songs had some lame titles, but they transitioned with the story well and were very romantic - and combined with the ultimate language of romance, it was absolutely dreamy. It also made me realise I've forgotten all my French..cos I kept translating things into Swedish lol. Wrong language!!

The show had a lot of acrobatics - rapelling down walls, somersaults and break dances. Needless to say it was very lively. My favourite scene was when the bells of the cathedral hung down from above...two small ones and a big one in the centre. And there were actors doing stunts and dancing off the bells - the synchronised swinging was really impressive. I also liked the part where they had some "angels" hanging down (sakura thinks they represet the dead Esmeralda tho..) and when the "lifeless" bodies came to live..they started dancing so gracefully. It was almost as if they were really floating in the air. My only complaint was that they could've chosen a better Esmeralda, since in the story she's someone who's really captivating. Oh and they could've added a few of her sexy dances which mesmerised the men...haha.

We had somewhat of a bonus too. At the end of the show, after the standing ovations they received, the main character sang the overture alone at first, then followed with the rest of the cast and music. I love the song!! Too bad I don't understand the lyrics, or rather know what the heck he's saying. Sounds good anyway. I thought it was a very French thing to do; to give an encore...but well, they invented the word didn't they? Haha. If any of you sweeties ever come across the lyrics to the theme song, or have a budding talent for deciphering French songs, please fill me in!

**runs away humming..."The time of the cathedrals has come..."**

P.S. I bought the DVD so if any of u wanna watch it on tv, feel free!

Temps de Catedral Encore

Temps de Catedral

[in the name of the law]

Was discussing some pretty intense topics during lunch today, like the difference in parenting laws in Singapore and Sweden. We were talking about how Sweden doesn't allow parents to lift a finger on kids, even when they're misbehaving. While most Asian parents, who still believe in using the rod, might snigger and say "ah that's why their kids turn out nasty", you can't help but wonder where to draw the line between labelling a parent who's disciplining his child, and one who is abusing the child.

My friend messaged me a couple of days ago at 3am in the morning to tell me she was in terrible pain. Why? Her father had just beaten her - again. All because she was caught smoking. A couple of months back, he hit her so bad that she had to go to the hospital to get an eye scan because her sight was affected during the battering. I asked whether she had made a police report and apparently she HAD to; since she had to be admitted. What was the outcome of that? Her father simply told the police he was disciplining his child so they dropped the matter.

I knew it would be pointless to ask if she would wanna report to the police about this early morning incident and her meagre response was that they'd just take her statement and leave it at that, and her father would probably tell them it was a family matter and she's be back at square one again. And this poor, small-built girl could only stay in bed, locked up in her room the whole day, contemplating if there would ever be a day she could escape.

Where does the law help in this instance? Isn't our dear law enforcement agency supposed to protect innocent victims even if it's a domestic matter? I remember the time my brother held my dad at knife point the whole night. They arrested him in the morning, but by afternoon they sent him back home. It's as if u're releasing ur potential killer back in your safe give him another opportunity to attack perhaps? I could list a million and one things that the cops didn't help us do, like not helping us send him to IMH when he was getting violent, simply because they "did not have enough experience handling psychiatric patients". Are we supposed to have more experience than them? What were we supposed to do then? Wrap him up in a little box and send him in the car? Well if we could've fitted him in nicely, we wouldn't have asked them for help. Will my friend only be rescued the day she's unable to be dragged back home by her father?

That wasn't the only issue that came to mind. My friend also mentioned that her father was "discplining" her in the name of religion. She's presumably too wild for his liking, and should learn to be a better little Muslim girl - I suppose one who conforms to his every demands. While I can't say much about her behaviour, I still believe that no matter how nasty your child is, a parent has no right to abuse her so violently. If smoking were a reason to beat up your child, I think a lot more people should be bashed up by now. What happened to rational talking? If he wants to talk religion, didn't the Prophet preach non-violence? Is he being a good Muslim by instilling so much fear in his family, to the point where the girl's own mother no longer dares to protect her from his beatings? To the point where she really cannot run away from home because there's always a way he's gonna track her down. And to the point where she no longer has any self-esteem and is unable to love herself truly.

There's a few things she could do; like seriously consider running to a relative's place or a women's shelter, or getting a personal protection order. Report to the police..let her statements pile up. And when the time comes, throw all the reports in his face and show him how nasty he's been. It's easier said and done, and I would know how she's feeling. Lost. With no one to help you. Stuck. Not knowing what to do next. She told me her father said the only way she could get out of the house was through a marriage contract. I seriously pray she'll consider the former options. For now I can only be a listening ear.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

[seafood weekend]

dear diary, i'm writing to confess that i pigged out during the weekend. it was food food food, and the theme was seafood. my partner in crime was flo, and we started our indulgence on friday to celebrate her birthday. (Happy 25th dearie!) We went to Faber Rock at Mount faber which had an alfresco style dining area overlooking the cable cars and Sentosa. Unfortunately, we couldn't see much of Sentosa cos of the haze, and the service sucked. The buffet was worth it tho..$38++ and we ate lots n lots of bbq-ed prawns, beef, satay and lamb (we got to pick what we wanted to have bbq-ed..that was fun...picking out lots n lots of prawns to get our dollar's worth haha). The dessert wasn't really good...hmm...I think the place scores much better on presentation than anything else. The ambience was perfectly romantic, candle light and all. Ahh..wish we could be there the whole night. We had much more important things to do though, like go for a drive and tuck into bed. Skipped Mt Faber Park cos flo's afraid of the that shall be our next day time agenda. ;)

Sat was a bit of an adventure. Was running aroud planning Flo's surprise. She went over to Auntie's place so I could sneak out of her place and get her b'day cake. Was a little late in fetching her...between my lie about being at the car wash and her worrying abt what time I was gonna pick her up, I was glad she didn't have a clue what I was up to. We went over to our friend's house for raya...then i crept back down to the car to get the cake. Luckily I grabbed one of sha's friends to accompany me..needed the moral support haha. We sneaked the cake in, lit the candles, and finally brought it out. I think the cream was slightly melted..but well..the best I could do. Next time I'll just ask sha to buy cake for me heh. Flo was pretty surprised...was glad it worked. :P We chilled out for awhile, eating the Tiramisu (yum yum), some kuih, then headed home. We wanted more seafood at Fisherman's Village but the food centre was closed so we bought stuff at woodlands. Our second pig-out session, chilli n black pepper crabs, tom yam soup (that I finally enjoy), chilli kang kong and sting ray. Great food, even greater that flo was peeling much of the crabs for me. Haha. Yeah, I know I'm spoilt. Tsk tsk. We bought so much that we had leftovers for today. Why do u think I'm feeling guilty??

What did we eat today eh? Oh yeah, lunch at causeway point. Well that wasn't too big..which is good. I went to make new glasses cos my old pair disappeared after my starlight movie at the padang. And now that I'm attending classes, I have a dire need for a new pair. I bought a pair of transitions lenses...can't wait to try them out next week! Would be really useful for driving n stuff. Erm..not that I use my specs that much...

After all that eating, I'm left with no dinner now. So I resorted to frozen pizza...and had one whole piece...but I'm still not full. Had some choc chip ice cream cos sakura wanted a partner in crime. I guess I should stop eating since I'm feeling pretty guilty already..and also so that I don't put on double the weight I lost during fasting month. Guess I should turn in early, before I reach for the fridge again. Good night!