Tuesday, July 12, 2011

[Happy 2nd!]

Yet another year has flown by quickly.  Someone commented that my FB status was not romantic, but if you knew our history, living 2 years together without killing each other is a big achievement. Lol.  We used to fight so much online even before we were a couple, we used to say, if we ever got together, we'd end up killing each other.  I think we're doing pretty good...don't think we've had any major quarrels in the past year.  First year had its ups and downs as we got to know each other, I think the 2nd year we understood each other better and are more aware of each other's feelings and how to react to them.

Celebration wise let's not talk about it.  Hubby has been coming home late lately and by late I mean at least 9pm.  There were a couple of times last week he came back at twelve-freaking-thirthy-am.  Sigh.  "At least" yesterday he came home around 9 something.  Our celebration was no more than a cheesecake and ice choco drinks at an atas cafe in town.  Unfortunately even that was interrupted by phonecalls by the %$##! in his office.

Let's not talk about prezzies either. Between one very contented man and a fickle and pretty contented woman, neither of us got the other anything.

I'm not lamenting how disappointed I was on 11 July 2011 (just realised the numbers are nice..heh).  In fact, the little coffee we had and the de-tour hubby took on the way home so that we could spend more time together was enough to perk me up after missing him the whole day. 

Happy Anniversary Darling

Thank you Allah for blessing us with each other.

Our 3rd anniversary will InshaAllah have a 3rd person celebrating with us. Good things come in threes. =)

Update: Wee, just an hour after posting this, hubby called to say he was coming home on time (sort of). And we were going for our post-anniversary dinner. Double wee! Dinner was at our favourite fish and chips place. Oh, and he got me a lovely bunch of flowers. Triple wee!!!

Monday, July 04, 2011

[tick tick ticker]

Yay I finally have my ticker up. Been wanting to have one for some time...well, the last one was our wedding ticker.  But these baby ones are sooo cute.  Maybe now I'll be able to track the days/weeks better, or with less thinking. At least I'm not the only one who seems to have trouble keeping track...other mummies experience it too!

I still don't know how to put it as a tagboard, so it's not that I'm predicting the date to be 30th Dec. Since one dr said 28th and another said 30th, I'm just assuming that's roughly when lil baby will come out.

Oh and if you notice, I deliberately did not choose a baby boy or girl.  Firstly, we don't know yet and secondly, I shall not assume (based on our hunches or desires). So there you go, ala emancipated Mimi's style, our baby will be gender neutral till we find out it's gender (well she took it a step further by not announcing it to the world till they were born, but I shan't do that. and no, i'm not a fan, i just happened to watch her interview on tv one day :P).

Saturday, July 02, 2011


I'm not too sure if I should title this post as "changes" or "pregnancy symptoms".  I guess it's an overlap, since pregnancy is a huge change.

One of the biggest change is my current lack of energy. It started right after our MS trip, when even Ez commented that I've been tired ever since returning.  On hindsight, our little peanut had a mighty adventurous first few weeks of life since at that time we were very active during weekends. Maybe it will be inspired to take on mummy's travel adventures.  Since the 5th week or so, energy levels have dipped to an all time low. I admit I was never very energetic upon returning home from work, but these days it seems like a nap is almost a must.  Last week I was determined to stay fresh after work so I didn't give in to the bed the moment I returned, but apparently, when you're this tired, even sitting upright on the sofa can let you fall asleep.  A full meal and Beethoven's symphony can also put me asleep on the drive home.  Poor Mr F, surprised a couple of times when his passenger didn't respond to him. :P

Baby bump
I officially have a baby bump, I think.  At least hubby says so and I guess my tummy IS growing bigger. My hesitation is that I'm not sure if it's really a bump or I'm growing fatter, since I wasn't stick thin to begin with hence the changes are less noticeable.  Have taken a photo or two to show Auntie and Jam (yes, they're quite eager to see me growing), so let's hope they see the difference and not say I'm just fatter. Haha.  Still a bit conscious so till I have a fully rounded belly, don't think I'm going to post pictures up just yet.

Emo street
Even before we got the news, I was getting more and more emo.   Crying at little things, or upset over trivial things.  So much so hubby commented one evening: You're so emo these days, maybe you're preggie. Needless to say, things are even more dramatic now. Yesterday, after finding out that I wasted about $130 on bras that were too small and couldn't be exchanged, I stopped in my tracks and started apologising (and sobbing) to hubby for wasting money.  And I mean stopped in my tracks in the middle of the shopping centre! (On a side note, what a stupid system! Can't try on the bra cos no changing rooms, and yet can't exchange or return it...wtf! The first maternity bra I bought was too big because of this, and the current ones, which are a size smaller, are too small...fantastic! And no, I'm not about to ask the salesMEN for help on sizing because I do not want them checking out my boobs...roar!!!  Not that they seemed very helpful anyway.  Point to note, shall buy oversized undies from now on, better to wait to grow into them than having them wasted...I guess I have to wait till I get back to my pre-pregnancy size.)  There've been numerous other instances to cry as well..such as worrying about hubby possibly not wanting me anymore once I get fat and ugly, wanting to go home or get out of here for good desperately (well, that's not a new one :P), and not having a fall-asleep-with buddy almost every night (consequences of yawning out loud and dozing off on the sofa: being dragged by hubby to the bedroom keke).  I think hubby is immune to my tears now.

I've always been a vivid dreamer but it seems as if my dreams have become more and more outrageous of late. Apparently it's common for first time mummies-to-be to have strange dreams, which more often than not reveal some sort of anxiety about being a good mum or insecurities that have been lingering in the subconscious mind.  My conclusion...if I were to make my dreams into a movie, they'd sell even better than a Spielberg blockbuster!

Aversions i.e. nausea
I've developed strange aversions, mostly to smells and food.  I can't stand the kitchen now, just entering it makes me nauseated. It doesn't help that the sink sucks, but little things such as just opening the onion plastic can make me gag. Let's not talk about the garbage... Needless to say, because of these reasons cooking has become an even bigger chore.  At times, I'm so averse to being in the kitchen that as long as I get to fry an egg for dinner, I'm happy.  I also can't stand the sell of burnt popcorn, so hubby now has to make popcorn only after I sleep (poor guy). I also get quesy at the sight of red meat, and often times throw up after eating meat.  I always try to tell baby, mummy needs the iron, so please cooperate. Heheh.  Most of the times feeling hungry makes me puke (strange!), but eating the wrong thing also does the same, so it's a tricky situtation.  The only fool proof thing that works right now is work.  But work = exhaustion, so go figure!

The one thing I can't wait to get rid off is the nausea and I'm glad it's gradually improving.  Let's hope I get to experience the so-called easy trimester soon, and enjoy the baby glow.  Looking forward to our next appointment eagerly, want to see little peanut waving at us again.  Wee!