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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

[rude engagement gift from prof]

I really did not need this news now. Not right now. Not when I should be happy celebrating my engagement and making plans for the wedding. Not when things at home are weird. Not when I've enough things to worry about. Not when I haven't made concrete plans for the future.

I guess instead of lamenting about why me, did i do anything wrong, why now, what about the future, why such poor management, what next, how could u say such a condescending thing then call it a joke, etc, etc, I should focus on:

1. This is an opportunity to do something I really want, e.g. publishing/editing.
2. I did learn a lot of things from the department and I shall cherish the experiences I've had (recall Sweden heh..and Bangkok...and Hyderabad).
3. I even had fun performing on stage here...should thank AW for pushing me to do it :)
4. I've had a very good example of how unstable things are in academia, which has convinced me even more that this isn't the place to stay.

And perhaps it's a sign that it's time for me to move somewhere else. At least I wouldn't leave Singapore thinking, oh no, I left behind a good/stable job. Yep, time to look ahead now. Please give me the next direction now God. And Thank You for your guidance so far.

Monday, October 20, 2008

[you need a mirror]

i'm arrogant.

i'm a snob.

i don't care about you.

i'm insecure.

i rely on someone to make me happy.

i only care about my own success.

i neglect her.

i'm lazy.

i'm not realistic.

the world does not revolve around me.

it's soooo true what they say...when u criticise someone about something, it's really a reflection about YOURself...about how you don't like a certain quality in YOURself. ah if only i could give you a mirror. so that you could the last BOLD.

[De-cluttering your inner life]

For more details, visit this link on how to Lighten Your Load.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


wee! my photo has been selected to be published as a pic in an online travel guide. sounds small but it's a big deal to me heh. yay! hope more get chosen for other guides!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

[7 tips for making yourself happier in the next hour]

apparently it's World Mental Health Day today...posting this article from the NUS Counselling Centre..

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

[meet the folks]

How was the conference?
- Excellent. Topics were useful for upcoming project, very impressive infrastructure they've got in place for genetic research in the whole of India, and even Hyderabad alone (picture Biopolis times 3). Not so worried about finding jobs there now Inshallah ;)

- Organisation could've been improved e.g. sticking to schedule and starting things on time.

- Kinda sucked being at a conference alone..glad I stuck to the Aussies at times. Sucked too that my poster didn't have much "business"...unrelated stuff I guess...and primitive techniques compared to the theme of the conference (DNA microarrays n stuff).

- Great conference venue/location and food...yummy. Even had a sightseeing trip to a handicrafts bazaar before the conference dinner at a 5 star hotel. All in all, pretty well taken care of. Oh, but don't ask about the service at the hotel..gasp...If the room hadn't been nice and big, I would've given them a bad rating immediately.

How was the meet-the-parents session?
- Excellent. Wayyyyy better than expected. Wayyyy more relaxed than I expected to be. Hell yeah, first meeting a day earlier than proposed was like..NERVE WRECKING (kept telling MB I needed another 24 hrs to be mentally prepared lol). They were soooooo eager to meet me, I didn't really have a choice..they sorta like just told me they'd be in my lobby in abt 30 mins time and I was like..oh shit. Lol. Will always remember the first warm hug and kiss on my forehead from ammi. Hee. And can't believe I was bold enough on our first meeting to make such a lame joke abt the restaurant owners being related to them just cos they had the same title and surname..hahaha. Nervous crapping perhaps?

ammi and me at hotel lobby 2nd night

- Met them everyday except one day...that's 2 days more than planned heh. Even regretted going for the conference dinner cos it was quite boring...was actually missing their company and would've preferred it anytime.

- Felt so much sincerity in their love. And I'm not exaggerating. Ahh..could get used to it. Hehe.

- Eventful day on the last day where, apart from trying the Eid dress ammi got tailored for me (wee!), I also managed an incredible feat of shoving GLASS bangles through my hand till they broke and I got a cut which bled for more than an hour even after compression, elevation AND icing...which subsequently needed a stitch (image not for the faint hearted) at the nearby community hospital. Found it quite hilarious actually..heh. Not the pain part though....and they're docs have really neat handwriting...check this out:

- Teary goodbye at the airport. Had to leave them too soon cos of the silly arrangement of the airport whereby non-passengers can't go in. Changi airport concept still the best lol...but must say..the new Hyd airport was really impressive. Ammi cried as she hugged me goodbye...Abbah seemed sad too...I still go awww thinking of the way he patted my head..cute..heh. They waited for me to check in and (quote) waved till my scarf was no more in sight. I'll miss you too ammi and abbah. Till we meet again.... :)

What lil pics I took...