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Thursday, April 26, 2007

[What My Name Means]

S is for Sensitive

A is for Amazing

F is for Furry

I is for Intelligent

Y is for Young

Y is for Yummy

A is for Animated
Ouch. I'm furry? Yummy I agree lol.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

[I always knew I was a princess]

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

[Laments of a molecular biologist]

Not that I profess myself to be one. I feel more like a lost lab rat. But anyway, this was how pathetic my first attempt at PCR was. No bands except for the DNA ladder. Bleah.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

[phantoms and babies]

Been an interesting week for me. I watched Phantom of the Opera last Tuesday with a big gang - sis, mum, cousin and flo. Sis was (surprisingly) early in getting ready...I was dreading having to wake her up to change n stuff...but luckily she got up on her own..on time. rare occasion tsk tsk. I was actually on MC that day, was having a terrible sore throat. Even the doc was like "oh dear" when she checked my throat. Apparently Cordelia had the same infection...we can't help but link it to fish n co at suntec cos we both ate there the saturday before and mysteriously became ill with the same thing. Mine got so bad that I puked Monday's dinner out..twice.

This was the 3rd time I was watching Phantom. Maybe 3 times is too many, because it wasn't as exhilerating as when I watched it the second time in London. First time was too long Sec 2 so I can't really remember anything from there, except the scene where the Phantom entered Christine's room; and that he was wearing a white mask (duh!). I loved the show anyway, the main song and overture never fail to impress me. My fave scene is still the part where the Phantom captures Christine and the "row" into his hideout. I wish I could try rowing the boat lol.

On Sun, Far n I went to visit our Crescent friend Az who just gave birth to a cute little baby boy. It was quite a surreal feeling...we saw her get married, being pregnant, now even breastfeeding, and I still feel "wow, this was the same Az we've known all this while". She's gone into the realm of motherhood. And I still feel (relatively) immature. Then again, perhaps having babies isn't to do with maturity. But anyhow, I'm still amazed that some of my friends have taken such a big step in their lives. Congrats Az, for little Rehan! It was quite embarrassing cos Far didn't tell me Az's sis was getting married. So when we arrived at her block, a few of our friends were calling out to us...and they were all in pretty baju kurungs while we were in casuals. Didn't help that we were walking unglamorously in the rain with our brollies hardly sheltering us. Oh well, we were there for the bride's sis and her baby, so I guess we didn't have to dress up lol. Shall drop by her house more often to play with the kid. Maybe in a couple of month's time Far n I'll dare to carry him haha.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

[i love my boss!!!]

Alright, I know not many people would be able to say that. I've heard a hundred complains about bosses not paying salaries on times, being forced to work OT and stuff. I have a pretty comfy life here (minus when there are deadlines of course), and a great boss to add.

Ok in case u're wondering why I'm gushing about's the story. I told him about my depression n stuff and he was really empathetic about it. I was actually torn between telling him and risking my job in the process. Turned out that he actually asked me why I didn't tell him sooner. (The reason I finally decided to tell him was b'cos I had a close conversation with my colleague who went thru something similar..and he told me that Prof was the one who brought him to see a specialist and was very understanding and supportive.) And when I said I was scared he'd fired me, he said something to the effect of "If u have a problem, the more we'll be here to help you to see u through it". Awwww. Needless to say, I was very touched by that. Department of Family Medicine or not, I'm sure not many bosses would have that motto.

He asked me to follow him to his clinic the next day so that he could write me a referral to see a specialist. So that morning, we rode in a cab to jurong polyclinic and I registered myself n stuff. Then my boss became my doctor...which was a bit awkward at first. He asked me stuff like since how old have I had asthma and how often I get attacks. And since I was having a terrible sore throat I even had to go Ahhhhh as he checked it. Lol. I hate doing that...even when it's with a doc I'm comfy with, so imagine how weird it was (picture urself saying AHHHH to ur boss lol). He wrote down a whole lot of stuff...and gave me instructions abt my asthma meds...and prescribed me lots of meds cos he was all about me getting medication at subsidised rates (what a sweetie). And after all that, he finally said...ok now on to what we're here about. Then I talked to him abt my depression, when I got it, what caused it etc. I wasn't quite sure if I should draw a line between boss and doctor. But since he probed, I revealed more. A bit more. He was surprised none of my colleagues had noticed I was upset...but I told him it probably wasn't their fault cos I hide in my workspace well when I'm down and when I'm with them I put on a chirpy front. He tried to get me an earlier referral and even waited for me to get my medication before he left.

He's such a doll eh? But after that "consultation", I think I'm probably worrying him now lol. I won't be surprised if he's asked the lab officer or someone to keep an eye on whether the poisons I work with are in the right quantities haha. Must convince him that I don't need to see a specialist. Afterall, I'll probably be better by June (yeah that's how long I have to wait for an appt!). Will just continue seeing my counsellors for now.