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Saturday, December 31, 2005

[Last Nite was a Daze]

i might have overdosed myself last nite. fell asleep almost immediately after taking my meds. went to see another doc n he said i've got bronchitis. wtf. i wanna get better soon. breathe again. i was talking to myself in my sleep last night. half awake half asleep..i remember pointing to my cup and saying out loud "i think there's no more water in it". feeling slightly better least i haven't used up a whole box of tissues yet.

tv sucks. nothin good is on. i've resorted to watching nickelodeon. not bad tho, they had some awards going on, there was alyssa milano, simon cowell and halle berry (who knocked into the mike..lolz). it's lunch time n i'm hungry. but there's nothing to eat. mum's away, sakura's not at home and i don't wanna cook cos i wanna be sick n resting. bro kept calling at ard 5.30 this morning but i wasn't bothered to pick up the phone. dad rushed to bring him to see a doc this morn. wonder what he's up to. dad never rushes to bring me to the doc - he just nags me for not taking my puff. the forgotten middle child as my trainer put it. sobs.

shall occupy myself with some games now. in case i forget, happy new year.

Friday, December 30, 2005

[Eve of New Year's Eve]

haven't blogged for some time. been busy getting sick n staying sick. first i got a really bad attack in bkk, then i was over-enthusiastic abt starting my training regime so i went to the gym even tho i was feeling crap. it was trainer's a boyish cute guy who's too short for me lol.

there's been a lot of hype abt x'mas n new yr. met up with a german guy who thinks that singaporeans dunno how to celebrate the true meaning of x'mas. it seems that orchard rd is more of a crazy bazaar area than anything. it was nice getting a different perspective of what x'mas is abt. well as for me, i spent the x'mas hols at home. had food poisoning the day before - was so busy puking that i had no energy to go home so i spent the nite at flo's place. was mighty embarrassed cos i was feeling so woozy that i was behaving like a 5 yr old...or perhaps like a drunk. i kept her awake half the nite cos of my coughing. thanks sweetie for looking after me. *muak* cldn't bring sakura ice skating on sun (which was one of her worries when i told her i was sick..bleah..). flo came over on mon to cheer me up..i was bored like crap all alone at home. in the evening saki, flo n me went to the chevrons in jurong for bowling. was pretty fun except that my slipper (or rather sakura's :P) broke when i slipped on the way home. i guess that's what u get for $4 thai slippers.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

[PrincessSaf on Ice]

ain't a very graceful sight. but i enjoyed myself anyway. sakura n i stood outside the skating rink at JEC for like half an hour - being both amazed at the prodigies and laughing at the not so graceful skaters (tsk tsk..ok that didn't sound so nice...). i was prompting sakura to get into the rink instead of just watching. but i was as nervous abt entering cos i haven't skated in ages. not that i used to skate a lot...just once in jc. i couldn't even walk on the ground with my skates, much less stand on the ice. so the first few rounds were spent gripping onto the handrails for life. both of us were like "no we don't wanna fall". and since they cordoned of one area for skating lessons, and since we were too scared to skate away from the handrails, we kept u-turning back and forth. sakura was pretty good...i had to beg her for a break halfway. i didn't tie my skates properly so my feet were aching. second round was pretty good. finally time was passing faster..and we even ventured out (further) away from the handrails. and on our last round, we even skated across the rink without any handrails at all. we had a break while they redid the ice. they asked those with hockey-skates to skate around for a few rounds before they did the maintenance. anybody knows why only the hockey skaters were asked to skate for awhile??

there was a 20 min break. good rest for my feet. the skates are really uncomfy. we were pretty tired by then...and the ice was so slippery (i prefered it before they redid the ice!) so we just went a couple of rounds. i managed to slip once..luckily i wasn't too far from the handrails...and the other beginners were nice enough to pull me in before something disastrous happened. our 2 hrs were up so we went off soon after that. what a rip-off..they shouldn't include icing time in the 2 hr rate.

it was a pretty fun outing. and tiring. sakura's sleeping early for the first time in 2 wks. thank god...or else i'll be having trouble sleeping with the lights on till she's finally done at 2.30am! we're gonna go skating again next weekend. anyone wanna join us?

Friday, December 16, 2005

[Speak up Girl, Speak up]

I have so many things to say, but only half the things come out. I think I think in my head too much. And I realise it more when I'm with Sakura, cos we'll be thinking the exact same thing (which sometimes freaks us out) but she'll be the one who vocalises it. Any suggestions on how I can talk more? Even when I'm thinking of what to blog, by the time I come home, I'll be like..nah I don't think they wanna hear it. Hmm...I need a pet cat. Then maybe I can talk to her. I was meeting my prof on Wed. And I had all my answers prepared. But when he asked me something...all that came out was "I don't know". wtf. Speak up girl, speak up. I'm trying.

Anyway, Sakura just got her JC posting. She'll be going to TJC. I'm happy for her; she didn't think she'd get into a good JC (NJ out of the qs cos she thinks it's for nerds..grrr). TJ's like damn far. But I guess it'll give my dad more reason to move to the east. And I'm gonna really hate that since I'll still be in NUS. 1.5 hrs of travelling, morning and evening. Come to think of it, it'll be quite a dumb move, cos she'll be in JC for only 2 yrs, and then it's 4 yrs in NUS. Oh well. If we do move, I'll be tempted to rent an apt in the west. My sis will hate me for it tho. But well... A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I've just been promoted to a full-time staff. Which is really great. The processing is gonna take long (not too long I hope..or else I can't go to Sweden for free haha). The biggest thing I'm gonna miss is waking up at 8 and going to work at 10. And no more loafing around and "working" from I am now. Tsk tsk..dun tell anyone. ;)

Friday, December 09, 2005

[I Need a Thai Massage!]

Ok that about sums up my Bangkok trip. Haha. The massage was really great...first one was good but the second one was even better. Gotta go back to get another. Yeah. The end.

Well if you want a more comprehensive review of our trip...tune in to Sakura's blog. Enjoy! :)
Oh yeah, the pics from the trip are here