Thursday, October 28, 2010

[virtual blogging]

How much more virtual can it get than having a diary online? Well what I had in mind was having a machine to translate your thoughts into a blog entry. Cool right? I'm sure they already have it somewhere...maybe in NASA..haha. That way, instead of having the dozen things I've thought to write about not making it here, I would have more frequent posts. Seems that I read others' blogs, thanks to Feeds, but forget about visiting my own. Heh.

It's not as if I have much exciting stuff to blog about anyway. Life is as usual as it has been for the last month or so, post Raya fun. Hubby has been, as usual, thankfully, pushing me to go out to meet people i.e. mostly his friends wives (the DH). Without his "persuasion", I would have probably remained the recluse that I turned into since coming back in July. I guess several reasons have contributed to it; perhaps because I was comforted that I didn't lose my Sg friends afterall, and because making friends is a challenge for me. It's not that I don't like making friends, but interacting with people who don't have the same wavelength as you do requires great effort and patience. On the other hand, those whose friendships I was seeking don't seem as keen on maintaining one, so I lose hope. On the bright side, hubby's motivation has allowed me to once again bake cookies (at E's place), see a dolphin/sealine (sic) show and host an impromptu potluck of 8 people whom none of us personally invited lol.

As much as I'm trying to stay positive and look at the plus sides of being here, I still get down sometimes. It seems a monthly thing that I get down about the boredom, lack of friends, unchallenging job - perhaps I should blame it on the hormones. As further salt to the injury, none of my efforts to get us back to Sg seem to be working - neither was our first attempt at balloting for a flat successful, nor have the numerous job applications I have sent for hubz received ANY sort of response AT ALL. I think I got my job here easier...that only took about 50 odd emails haha.

Yeah as S and hubz put it, the time is probably not right. Meanwhile I hope the monthly down time gets better as I find ways to keep myself more busy and convince myself that life here ain't so bad afterall. Right now am looking forward to Dec fun...that will be a huge breather from desert life. Wee!