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Sunday, February 28, 2010

[3 months and counting]

Since there won't be a 29 Feb, I guess today marks 3 months of being here. Though when it gets lonely sometimes I feel like I've been here for 3 decades. Ok ok, shall not exaggerate...3 years perhaps? Haha.

I guess I'm coping much better than 2 months ago, much less "nightmares" of friends "leaving/forgetting me", more confident that there are people to support me in my adventure here. So to all those who have sent a random email to ask how I am (and HP's "Girl's Talk" emails heh), sms-ed me occasionally and chatted with me on msn, thank you very much for keeping me going. The littlest gesture means a big deal to me. At least I know I'm alone but not alone.

I'm caught between coming home in June for vacations because I really really wanna see the people I love SOON and help Sakura prepare for her exchange in Denmark, and coming home in Dec to help out/attend a very good friend's wedding. Two weddings on the same weekend in fact. How how?? Gah, hate to be caught in a tight situation. Maybe I shall toss a coin heh.

Here's my fave pics of the month, taken at the Edge of the World. Rest of the pics can be found on facebook - here and here. It was my first meeting with a bunch of Singaporeans I got in touch with online. Well sort of, a S'porean married to a Malaysian, a Singaporean from the embassy, and 2 PRCs who claim to be S'poreans (was disappointed to find this out the moment they spoke lol). It was a really adventurous trip, especially when we got off road onto the rocky desert terrain. The 4 wheel drive we rented wasn't up to it (brr this reaffirms my belief that Hyundai batteries suck) so it gave up several times during the trek to the desert. Thank goodness we had a team leader (the M'sian) who was well equipped and very experienced who jump started our car several times lol. I got to drive in the desert (100 m perhaps? I'm satisfied lol), go around without my abaya for once, and made friends with the group, as well as have fun with my colleagues who tagged along with us. The picnic under the acacia trees was also fun..good food...I had kuih baulu and love letters all the way from Sg...yay!! Excellent trip! Looking forward to more adventures. Unfortunately the weather is getting warmer, so it might not be for awhile till we go out next. But for this weekend, we're watching the irises bloom. Did I mention that I initially had to coerce hubby into going for this trip, but after the trip, he was like "we'll go for more trips next time!". Wee! ;)


dried up streams

literally standing on the edge

rocks rocks and more rocks

Sunday, February 14, 2010

[Happy Valentine's Day]

I've learnt that you do not need a specially designated day to tell the one you love how much you love them, nor a day for them to tell you how much they love you. I must admit that when I was Mr F's "girlfriend" (technically only 2 years, let's not count the other 4 years of our love-hate r'ship lol), I was disappointed when I didn't get anything for V day. When he came over to Sg to meet my family (in March 08), we were like, ok, we have to make up for the lack/inability to celebrate V day together. Same thing for V day 09..when I didn't get flowers, I was like sob sob.

V day 2010 marks our first "celebration" together. We're no longer a virtual couple who has to send e-cards to each other (well we still could heh). But strangely enough, this was what I requested from my dear hubby: Please don't buy me gifts. Why? Well, as cliche as it may sound, I've realised that when you know how much you're loved everyday, you don't need a special day to commemorate your love. Especially a commercially special day. Though Mr F asked me what I wanted, I said I had everything I needed (literally and mushy-ly) and I really had no need to receive anything from him today. I wasn't surprised when he said he didn't want anything because he says that for every occasion...birthday, V day, wedding day, gah..the list goes on, sometimes it gets me frustrated lol. Ok ok I shall not deviate...

So we "celebrated" V day very simply with a meal at Chilli's (after Applebees, food here was bleah). On a side note, since it was CNY, we ordered Shanghai boneless wings as starters lol (that turned out to be the worst dish though). I gave him a card which I made with very limited materials I had (imagine construction paper and 2 colours of pens) which miraculously made him emo.

So baby, thank you for teaching me the meaning of love. To everyone out there who does or doesn't have a valentine, tell the ones you love how much you love them, today and everyday. It could be your family, friends, or anyone who means something to you (quoted from Jam's quote from the V day movie..I think..haha) =)

With that being said, it wouldn't hurt if you wanted to go the extra mile to buy them flowers or a box of chocolate just for the sake of it. Lol :P

Oh and not forgetting, Gong Xi Fa Cai to all those celebrating it!!