Friday, July 29, 2005

A Bouquet of Flowers

I got a bouquet of flowers today!! Congratulatory wishes for my graduation from my secret admirer (just trying to spice things up in my make believe world). Three white tulips and a bunch of flowers. It was beautiful. I haven't spoken to the person for ages but well..a bunch of flowers...I guess he deserves some thanks. Wee. I did melt afterall. Haha.

Monday, July 25, 2005

What a Wonderful Day!

The dumb things that only I'm capable of (or perhaps someone like me exists out there):

1. Leave home without my wallet.

2. See a whole lot of ppl alighting from the bus at the shopping centre I'm supposed to go to, and still not realise that that was the correct stop.

3. Queue for 15 mins long at Giant just for a can of drink. Maybe I was too free.

The list will lengthen as this blog develops. Promise.

And to top it all up, I had a nasty day. First of all, king arthur calls me up to ask me to come back early just so that I can buy precious little one dinner. Wow. I didn't know my job was to feed her. And come home early at that just to feed her. Isn't she 16? I'm sure she can get her own dinner?

Then the silly ppl at MENDAKI call to tell me that since I left class early, I have to retake the WHOLE module. Yes, for missing half of the first day only, I apparently can't attend tmr's class. POLICY. WHY? Cos I wouldn't be able to catch up with lessons. Yeah, they were teaching reaaaallllyyyy hard stuff. Mind-boggling ("How to draw a mind map?", "Problems are made up of cause and effect"..wouldn't be able to survive in the working world without this knowledge would I?). Well they can keep their $15. I'm not going back some other time to retake the whole damn thing. Who needs to know how employable* I am anyway? I've gotten several job offers already haven't I?

Next, I realise I've taken the wrong bus. So instead of ending up at Bedok MRT, I'm in some deserted bus-stop at Upper East Coast Rd wondering what I should do next bcos I didn't have a single dollar with me (literally...minus the coins which wouldn't have gotten me far...). Decided to take a cab when I found Flo's money. Thank God. Off to NUS. For an appt with the ortho, which I had to wait 2 mths for bcos they had to get my files from NUH. Ah lo and behold! What does he diagnose my problem as? BACK ACHE. Oh wow! Amazing! I wouldn't have guessed it!!! Fantastic eh? Yep..the miracle of modern medicine.

Then as if the rain didn't put my mood down further, my student has to msg me at 6.50, when I'm already halfway to his place, to cancel tuition. Yeah I really needed that to brighten up my day.

And when I come home, I scare the hell out of Sakura and Eryan (and then Flo when they realised they were beyond trying to help me) by acting looney. Yeah and I mean really looney. Singing at the top of my voice, talking like I just drank a dozen litres of beer, laughing like a gone case...u name it I must've done it. They were about to call IMH...

Maybe I'm turning manic. Maybe I am manic. Maybe I should see a psychiatrist soon. Any recommendations?

*Some dumb Employability Skills System worked up by none other than our dear govt...WDA from Min of ensure that "employees are up-to-date with current knowledge in the workforce". They asked qs like what's 1/2 * 2/5 and "pls describe what u see in this picture"! sounds more like pri sch..

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Models Inc.

As part of the iCARE Project (International Connect And Relations Enthusiasts), a bunch of us who were vain enough to volunteer as models paraded in our traditional costumes for the incoming international students yesterday.
( on to view larger image, below..the ladies)

There were two sessions. First one was at 11.30. We were nervous like hell..having only 2 hrs practice the day before...and the lecture theatre was full to the brim! But the audience, after several boring talks, finally woke up the moment the word "models" was announced. Definitely a plus for us! The claps came non-stop..from Netherlands to India to Malay (supposed to be me..hmm....apparently they couldn't find a MALAY yeah...). We were totally thrilled at the response and walked off stage with an even bigger grin. The afternoon session turned out terrible tho. No one clapped. Not even when the first pair reached the stage. We started clapping and only then the audience clapped. And we had to start clapping again for the second pair before the audience joined in. BLEAH! The only spontaneous response was when the host pronounced the name of the Vietnamese costume in a weird way...then they started laughing as though that was the highlight of the show. And apparently something about the Chinese and Malay costumes were funny too. Hmmm...Terrible audience they were! Gen (our dear motherly coordinator) almost freaked out backstage when she heard the lukewarm applause. She thought something went wrong. But later on we realised why the second audience were so dull...they were living off campus..therefore haven't been brainwashed into being enthusiastic for hall activities. Haha. Let's hope next week's graduate and exchange students will be better audiences.

It was cool how the lot of us managed to click so easily. We only met a few hours the day before, and by lunchtime yesterday we were yapping non-stop. The host n I even took turns suan-ning Miss Bimbotic Thailand who was busy flirting non-stop the whole time. (Her famous qs to our dear Romanian friend: What language do Romanians speak? Like DUH!!!) We helped ourselves to the buffet after the show. We deserved it afterall didn't we? Heh. :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Commencement 2005

This was how I spent today. Yup. As u can see...I'm bored. Anyway, enjoy the Commencement pics :)

Maiden Scrawl

After much year in fact (or more...I was supposed to write one while my friends were supposedly missing me while I was in Sweden)...Yeah comes my blog! Yes...grand opening...mark this eventful day...
I guess boredom has finally pushed me to do this. Yup I'm still loafing around at home. Have a job, don't have a job? Even I'm confused when ppl ask me. Ya I do..technically...And technically I should've started...way before this....after my exams in fact (yeah right). But what have I done really? Besides a couple of presentations, nothing else. 3 months. Long holiday? I'm starting to feel useless, unproductive. Positive thinking...I'm taking this much deserved break. I do, don't I? Yeah I do, I think.
Alright, shall make my first post short n sweet. Will think of ways to spruce up my blog. Get inspiration from the expert, chat-moyen. Do I sign off now? Tata.
P.S. Today's a special day. Happy 2nd :)