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Monday, October 30, 2006

[time to lepak]

Been pretty zoned out and exhausted lately...with my mind-f***king over issues which are beyond my control. Was off on Thur cos of a tension headache n puking, and the nausea and throbbing hasn't really gone away. Sigh. It was good that I didn't have to spend the weekend alone, would've been disastrous for my poor little overworked mind.

Had a great time meeting up with my buddies over the weekend. Sat nite was pretty friend n I drove to Seletar reservoir just for the sake of it. We sat by the rocks and tried to gaze into the horizon...but the PSI was 52, so we couldn't gaze very far. The golf course looked nice from where we were sitting, so instead of natural greenery, we admired the neatly planted trees and bright green grass, talking abt the shit that's been happening ard us. I felt like I was in limbo world, my mind preoccupied with questions questions and more questions, ones that I couldn't solve. I was crazy enough to let my friend try driving the car...I think she kinda got the hang of it after awhile. For the rest of the night, I think I worried the hell out of another friend. Sorry.

Sunday was much more chirpier. Went to meet Yun to have a little b'day lunch with her. She gave me a (very) belated b'day prezzie..but hey, better late than never! I gave her the camisole I got her from Victoria's Secret and she couldn't help but peek into the bag..haha. She was too shy to take it out tsk tsk...must tell me when u try it on!! Better yet, show me a pic. haha. We talked for a couple of hours, catching up on a lot of stuff. Then I got a call from my "parole officer" to see if I was behaving Yes yes, I'm only drinking fruit juice :P. We walked ard Heeren a bit then I went off to meet the Hello Pandas at the Toy Museum cafe.

Happy b'day Mel =) Hope u had fun! I always do when I'm out with u guys. N Min, thanks for consoling me..what u said makes sense...*sobz*...will patiently wait to heal. I think by dinner my headache n nausea was back so I could hardly eat the Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Basil which was pretty good. The waitress was abt to clear my plate when Lionel n Mel asked for it back and ended up eating my leftovers haha. Desert was good tho, after lying down awhile on the huge comfy sofa I felt a little better. But then again, chocolate always makes me feel better ;) We crapped n crapped till we certified ourselves as unwanted (noisy) guests...but who cares..we had loads of fun! Min n bf were busy..ahem..interacting...I think they hardly noticed the nonsense we were up to. We made full use of our couch reservation and went home only a couple of hours later. Felt really good to luagh out loud with the gang. Let's meet up again soon!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

[raya was good]

Hari Raya was a pretty peaceful occasion this year. Uneventful. Yes, uneventful = good, at least in our house. Sis n I relished the fact that we could be guests this year, which meant we weren't drained after a morning of cooking and panicking, an afternoon stealing naps while waiting for guests to come, and an evening cleaning up the kitchen. Auntie took over hosting this year (not that we had much of a choice), but yeah, everything went well. Bro behaved by doing what he does best - getting his token n running off even before the night of Syawal could set in, but really, who cares as long as there no (or not much) commotion. Dad behaved too. Yay.

I was a little confused about ang pao giving/receiving. I didn't want to receive, now that I was working, but I wasn't prepared to give (finances ain't really flourishing at the moment and well basically, just wasn't prepared). So there were moments of awkwardness between Auntie saying she should be getting reimbursement for all the ang paos she has given me over the years, and Auntie Rad slipping me one in the midst of my protests. We should have clearer boundaries abt green packet culture like the Chinese.

Jam n I found something in common - mingling ain't really our cup of tea. After hurriedly serving dinner, we were pretty much satisfied sitting in the room hanging out but Auntie came in and dragged us out for mingling time. Mingling wasn't really on the go till Auntie helped to break the ice - sometimes I wish I had a closer r'ship with my cousins and not just see them once a year, at most twice. Auntie reached a point of englightenment when she realised that tho the ADULTS were all in the living room talking family and business, she was clowning ard with us "kids"...pretty hilarious. Well, who says age is a barrier to fooling around eh? ;) My models weren't exactly sporting to humour my trigger happy mode..but I managed to get some pics with my hp. Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin. (seriously, don't say it if u don't mean it...)

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

[Her Song of Unrequited Love]

Love like mine is never ending
mine will last forevermore.
All my love to you I'm sending
from your faithful "open door."

Want you to know
you are the one I wait here for.
Everyday my thoughts are with you
'though I know yours aren't with me.
And you may have met another
lady of your fantasy.
I shed no tears
you are not forced to love me.

Fearing my own desires could stray
I keep busy through the day
still thinking of you standing there
I accept you do not care...
O wasted years!
with a broken love affair.

I come to terms with destiny
living life, yearning for thee;
we meet up in my dreams at night
till I wake and see the light
I must be strong
All alone to sing my song
and I will be alright.

-Joyce Hemsley

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

[this ramadhan]

I thought the days of screaming at the table during buka were over. Or the melodramatic cries about "I can't cope alone (yeah right) this year". Or the incessant need to "ration" out food so that enough goes around the table at night and in the morning. And of course I thought the ending of the bickering between my dear parents would finally bring peace to the house. Doesn't seem so.

The tension is still abound, especially when a certain family member decides to act like a 5-year-old kid. We wonder when we'll have the next good home cooked meal, even the simplest of dishes satisfy our palates. The constant piquing drives us insane, we give in just to avoid the badgering. The moment we come home, some form of torment begins. How long will this last? I wished it ended yesterday.

Will things ever change, will the insensitive turn sensitive? No we're not exaggerating, 2 decades of this pattern GETS TO YOU. If it wasn't for God keeping me sane, and my dear friends who bear my crying in pain, I wouldn't be as strong as I am today.

Ramadhan is ending, goodbye to the blessed month so soon. Comes forth another worry, of how we're going to spend the arrival of the new moon. I pray everything goes well; if not utterly pleasant, at least not disdainful.

Monday, October 09, 2006

[revitalising alright!]

I took last Friday off to chill. Since I had physio in the morn and dad has been bugging me to follow him to HDB on a Fri which is his only off day, I thought why not. Physio was tiring...learnt some exercises...and bid farewell to my therapist. lol. Well since I'm gg to the private one, which is much better, I don't mind the extra cost. Was pretty agitated cos they were gonna show a Westlife interview on CNA...and the moment they came back "right after the break", it was my turn to go in. (arghhh). I was pretty touched Dad came to fetch me even tho it was pretty early in the morning and he cld've slept in. I really thought we were going to the Bt Merah branch and since that'd be near SGH, it would be a gd arrangement. Only later I found out that that branch no longer exists, and we actually went to the one in Clementi which is near!

Accompanied mum to Sim Lim in the afternoon cos she wanted to buy a monitor for her laptop. She still hasn't figured out how to use it..hmm..can anyone help?

Ok here comes the highlight of the retreat!! Finally decided to use the voucher my dear Hello Pandas gave me for my b'day...since it's gonna expire in abt a mth. I didn't mind at all that it was all the way in Changi cos I'd seen the hotel it's in before, and it overlooked the sea so I thought it'd be lovely. And lovely it was. I didn't get the seaview cos I was on the 1st floor (girls: next time we have a spa party on the 8th..complete with jacuzzi facing changi beach). I thought I'd end up at a very chee-na place (no offence) cos the receptionist called earlier and went like "Hi Miss Safiyyeee...ur spa appt at 4pm leh!!" Lol. Thank god the therapist spoke better...and the service was perfect. It started off with a cup of oligomer tea (whatever that is...supp to be good for u...ok lah of course they'd say that i guess ), but I couldn't drink since I was fasting. So we headed to the room which was WOW. It was as big as a hotel room and complete with a steam sauna, bathtub that can fit two comfortably, and a shower. The amenities were good too - lots of paper undies (with a choice of g-string or regular haha), 3 combs (wonder what I'd need so many for...), toothbrush n toothpaste, 2 shower caps, plastic slippers - well you get the picture.

My retreat started off with an aromatic steam bath, salt sea scrub (which I accidentally tasted cos she spilt some on my lips..yucks..VERY salty), and a shower. Then I soaked my feet in a tub while she gave me a soothing "welcome" head massage. That set the mood for the full body massage, under the dim lights. By now I was exclaiming - I have the bestest buddies ever! Haha. I didn't want the massage to end...nooo...not so soon! The wonderful experience ended with an aromatic scalp massage and I took my own sweet time to change back into my clothes after that (oh and mel..I managed to put my papparazzi skills to work..tsk tsk..nice rite? :P). The therapist did a little advertisement by bringing me to the 8th floor to have a look at the place and I must say, it looks terrific. For a moment there I didn't feel as if I was in Singapore. Reminded me of the Batam Spa resort we went to in June. The view was amazing, definitely would consider indulging in the jacuzzi package...girl's weekend out ppl?

I headed down to Changi Village after that to buy the famous nasi lemak for buka under the sunset. Unfortunately the stall vendors were on a break so i bought from the stall next door..still nice lah.. Waited for Flo to come so that we could have dinner tog. But she didn't manage to get a cab cos of rush hour so by the time she came, I had had two cups of drinks (damn thirsty..the lymphatic drainage massage whatever must've worked...) and the moon was up and bright. We had our little picnic anyway, under the full moon. There were a few families there celebrating Lantern Festival. Was pretty cool, I never knew families actually went out to celebrate together. We were admiring the waves and the full moon, and just chilling out, listening to some songs on our phones. The tempestuous waves were a bit scary at first, but really quite pretty when u stop to admire the ripples and gushing sounds they make. Flo was getting bitten by insects so we decided to head home.

Was a relaxing day indeed. Just wanted to say a big thanks to the Hello Pandas of the best b'day prezzies ever! Muaks muaks muaks!

P.S. I managed to find the Westlife interview here...yay! Well for the non-WL fans...I didn't know CNA had interview just in case u've missed an interview of say...Shahrukh's the link

Monday, October 02, 2006

[visited country map]

cool link i got from a friend. will inspire me to travel more. wonder when my whole map will be red haha. :P

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