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Saturday, February 23, 2013

[A chapter closes]

My blog has been on a hiatus for awhile. Motherhood has kept me busy, with other preoccupations keeping me away from blogging as well. Let's not forget the forgetfulness.
My darling son has turn one. Amazing how time flies. To be exact, he'll be 14 months in 4 days' time. I won't say that motherhood has been a breeze, but it is definitely rewarding when you see the smile he brings on people's faces, and of course ours. He is picking up things (literally and figuritively) very quickly, especially during our trip to Sg last Dec. I'm glad that he turned from the clingy mummy's boy to "I don't care about mummy if someone else is gonna bring me out" lil rascal. He's back to square one now that we're back here, but hey, I guess there's always hope that this clingy-ness won't be permanent.
A new chapter for us will begin soon. Shall update when the time comes. Meanwhile, have to prepare yself for a lot of changes around us. Fingers crossed...